Moore College Graduation 2019 — 107 men and women sent out into the harvest field

Posted on March 21, 2019 
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“On Monday 11 March, we had the great pleasure of witnessing the graduation of the 107 men and women who most recently completed their courses at Moore College, and who are now serving God in various contexts across the world. …”

Encouraging news from Moore College.

See Simon Manchester’s address above, on Vimeo.

Tasmanian Parliamentary Year Commencement Sermon 2019

Posted on March 20, 2019 
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Dr. Richard Condie, Bishop of Tasmania, preached at the Parliamentary Year Commencement Service in St. David’s Cathedral Hobart on Tuesday 19th March 2019.

“The events in the past few days remind us of the importance of the task before us, and particularly the task before the Parliament of this State of Tasmania.

The senseless act of violence and murder last Friday in the peaceful city of Christchurch, where now 50 people, one as young as 2 years of age, lie dead as a result of gun rampage.

It reminds us of the sacred trust given to governments, to work for the safety and well-being of the people whom they serve, to provide protection for the vulnerable.

There is an instruction to Christians in the New Testament about prayer for people in positions of ruling authority …”

You can read his full sermon on the diocesan website.

On the Conviction of Cardinal Pell

Posted on March 19, 2019 
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“The recent conviction of Cardinal George Pell on five counts of child abuse has shaken the Roman Catholic Church in Australia and around the world.

Cardinal Pell was Australia’s most famous Roman Catholic leader – elevated to a position of high responsibility in the Vatican after a significant career in Australia, which including serving as Archbishop in Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. …”

– Assoc Professor Neil Foster reflects on Cardinal Pell’s case from a Biblical and legal perspective – at The Gospel Coalition Australia.

TEC Bishop Michael Curry questions ‘gay bishop spouse ban’ at Lambeth Conference

Posted on March 18, 2019 
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“Anglican bishops in the United States say they are ‘aggrieved and distressed’ by a ban on the spouses of gay bishops from attending a major Church summit next year.

The Episcopal Church (TEC) said it was ‘concerned by the use of exclusion as a means of building communion’ ahead of the 2020 Lambeth Conference, which is being hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. …”

– As expected. Report from Premier.

Related post: Lambeth 2020 Descends into Confusion.

Archbishop of Sydney: Further statement on Christchurch attack

Posted on March 17, 2019 
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Here’s a further statement from Archbishop Glenn Davies:

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney

Public Statement

The horror of the massacre of Muslims, praying in a Christchurch Mosque, has resonated with people of all faiths and of none around the world. That anyone, let alone an Australian, could execute such an atrocity and film it for his heinous gratification, is still hard to believe as the extent of this crime became fully known.

I have conveyed to the leaders of Sydney’s Muslim community our absolute horror and revulsion at these attacks and our determination to stand with them in condemning all acts of violence, especially racially and religiously motivated acts of inhumanity as we have seen. I have also conveyed our condolences to the New Zealand High Commissioner, Dame Annette King, indicating our solidarity with New Zealand.

In St Andrew’s Cathedral today special prayers will be offered for survivors and families of the victims, while a minute’s silence will be observed to commemorate the dead. The NZ Consul General in Sydney, Mr William Dobbie, will be in attendance for this service.

Our hearts cry out to the God of all comfort, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom alone will justice and mercy be found, especially when events such as these overwhelm us.

Archbishop Glenn Davies

17 March, 2019 AD.

– via

Captivated by Scripture: A personal reflection on D. W. B. Robinson’s legacy for biblical studies

Posted on March 16, 2019 
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Dr Lionel Windsor has shared the paper he gave at at the legacy day and launch of Donald Robinson Selected Works Volume 3: Biblical and Liturgical Studies & Volume 4: Historical Studies and Series Index at Moore Theological College, today, 16 March 2019.

“What made Robinson such an inspiring and influential teacher for generations of students? I’m sure there were multiple factors: many of those here today will have their own insights into this question. But one factor that I want to focus on this morning – a factor that comes through particularly clearly in his writings – is Robinson’s commitment to being captivated by Scripture.

The impression that keeps coming through in these volumes is that Robinson was so confident in the divine inspiration of Scripture, and so assured that God’s purposes are revealed to us in Scripture, that he was prepared to follow Scripture wherever it led him.

And when Scripture led Robinson on strange paths, paths that others had barely trod, on journeys where even he could not discern the destination, he enthusiastically trod those paths, knowing that wherever Scripture was leading him, it must be important. In this way, Robinson’s approach to Scripture is faithful in a deep sense: full of faith in God’s purposes revealed to us in his inscripturated word.”

Read it all at Forget the Channel.

Prayer following the act of Terrorism in Christchurch

Posted on March 16, 2019 
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The Rev. Mark Charleston has written a prayer you may wish to use – in your own prayers, or in church.

We’re grateful to Mark for sharing it.

Click here for a PDF file.

Archbishop Glenn Davies’ statement on the Christchurch mosque attacks

Posted on March 15, 2019 
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“All Christians, as well as people of faith or of none, will be shocked to learn of the mosque attacks in #Christchurch. We long for peace and freedom from violence in our streets, our homes and especially in places of prayer.

Archbishop Glenn Davies, March 15, 2019.”

(Media statement via Twitter.)

(The Archbishop has since contacted Muslim leaders in Sydney to express condolences and support for the Muslim community in Australia and NZ in the face of this atrocity.)

See also:

A statement issued by Bishop Peter Carrell on behalf of the leaders of churches in Christchurch city and Canterbury province – Scoop NZ.

Tactics, not truth, over same-sex marriages

Posted on March 14, 2019 
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“It would seem that the response by the bishops of the Church of England to the latest attempt in the House of Lords to force clergy to conduct same-sex weddings was driven by tactical considerations rather than by transcendent truth.

Although the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft [pictured], resisted the amendment by Lords Faulkner and Collins to remove the CofE’s exemption from solemnising same-sex marriages, his remarks were notable for their political tone…”

The Rev. Julian Mann discerns an attempt by the Bishop of Oxford to placate the 100+ evangelical clergy in his diocese who signed a letter ‘of grave concern’ in January.

A Christian Code of Ethics for Using Social Media

Posted on March 14, 2019 
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“The following is a simple code of ethics (5 Questions) for the follower of Jesus to consider before one clicks the ‘enter’ button.

It is intended for the follower of Jesus to remember that even in cyber-space we are witnesses (either for good or for bad) for Jesus Christ modelling a life which is supposed to emulate him. …”

– Archbishop Foley Beach shares five questions to ask yourself.

Dr. Stuart Piggin to speak on Australia’s Christian heritage

Posted on March 13, 2019 
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In an event in Parramatta on Monday 1st April, Professor Stuart Piggin will speak on the key influence of an evangelical Christian worldview in the shaping of Australia.

See Family Voice Australia for details and registration.

(See also, The Fountain of Public Prosperity – Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740–1914, by Stuart Piggin and Robert D. Linder, from Monash University Publishing.)

Help for Responding to Sexual Abuse in Church Settings

Posted on March 13, 2019 
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Dr. Peter Adam writes,

There are few more painful, complicated, difficult, demanding, divisive and stressful issues to deal with than sexual abuse in your church.

If you are already dealing with it, you will find this extended essay very helpful.

If you are not yet dealing with it, you need to read it, so that you are more alert to the signs of its presence, aware of the issues, and be prepared to deal with it.

The author, a good friend of mine, has had extensive experience counselling victims of sexual abuse, and helping church leaders to respond to sexual abuse in their churches. She prefers to remain anonymous, for good reasons.  I encouraged her to write this essay, so more people could learn from her hard-won wisdom…

The essay is not an easy read, but is highly recommended. I wish I had read it 50 years ago!”

– Do take the time to read the full post from Dr. Adam, and then download the resource from the Gospel Coalition Australia.

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