ABC TV News story a reminder to pray for Bathurst

Posted on March 8, 2021 
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This story from ABC-TV News, broadcast on Sunday 7th March 2021, is a reminder to pray for Bishop Mark Calder, the Diocese of Bathurst, and the many people in that region who don’t yet know the Lord Jesus.

Ministry enrolments at Moore double in 2021

Posted on March 7, 2021 
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“With great joy, Moore Theological College has seen full-time enrolments for the Bachelor of Divinity and Bachelor of Theology courses double this year.

All up there are more than 95 enrolments for undergraduate students starting in 2021 – an answer to many prayers for more workers for the harvest…”

– Great news from Moore College. Via

Newcastle Synod Presidential Address 2021

Posted on March 7, 2021 
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Bishop of the Diocese of Newcastle, Dr Peter Stuart, addressed his Synod on Saturday 6th March.

He spoke about the challenges and opportunities facing the Anglican Church in the Hunter and Central Coast regions of NSW.

A good reminder to pray for gospel ministry in that large area.

Read his full address here (PDF file).

There’s a list of Appointments and moves from page 24.

Photo: Diocese of Newcastle.

John Piper’s Magnum Opus on the Providence of God

Posted on March 7, 2021 
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“Joe Rigney sits down with John Piper about his magisterial new book on Providence, a volume over 700 pages that is a culmination of his life study and work.”

Watch the video and read about it from Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition.

Biography of Archbishop Harry Goodhew set to be launched

Posted on March 7, 2021 
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Dr Stuart Piggin’s biography of the Rt Rev Dr Harry Goodhew AO (Archbishop of Sydney 1993 – 2001) is set to be launched in Sydney on 23rd March and in Wollongong on 1st April 2001.

Download this PDF file for all the details.

Larry Crabb, 1944 – 2021

Posted on March 6, 2021 
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Christian Counsellor Dr Larry Crabb has been called home.

He was perhaps best known for reminding Christians that their significance and security lie in Christ.

He visited Sydney in the mid 1980s, and his books and videocassettes had a widespread influence at the time.

Photo: Kgamble6, Wikipedia.

Book Review: The Whole Counsel of God by Tim Patrick and Andrew Reid

Posted on March 6, 2021 
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The Whole Counsel of God: Why and How to Preach the Entire Bible is designed to help you give to the Lord’s people what he wants them to hear—the Bible.

Tim Patrick and Andrew Reid write from both an academic and practical background. As church ministers and professors in Australia and southeast Asia, they want to convince, inform, and train their readers to preach the entire Bible.

The book has already begun to influence my ministry, and I anticipate it will be a much-used resource in the future. …”

– At 9Marks, Shane Walker reviews a very helpful new book.

It’s available from Reformers and The Wandering Bookseller as well as other bookshops.

What will you do when the Culture demands that you Pivot?

Posted on March 5, 2021 
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In his The Briefing for 2nd March 2021, Albert Mohler again warned Christians to be ready for the inevitable challenge to forsake Christ to appease the culture.

He has now expanded his comments into a must read essay:

Pivoting to Surrender: A Warning for All Christians – 4th March 2021.

“Every Christian and every Christian ministry will come to a reckoning – we must all decide here and now where we stand.

Will we pivot or will we hold fast to faithfulness and the hope of the gospel?”

Discovering the Holiness of God

Posted on March 4, 2021 
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This 14 minute documentary from Crossway shares something of R.C. Sproul’s conviction of the centrality of the holiness of God.

GAFCON’s Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions for March 2021

Posted on March 3, 2021 
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“Canon Craig Roberts, along with his colleagues at Anglican Youthworks (Australia) contribute to the Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions for the month of March.

The focus of the devotions demonstrates how throughout scripture, we see God at work through intergenerational discipleship.

The devotions are also available in Spanish and Portuguese, and in audio version in English.”

God blesses with rain and new bishop

Posted on March 3, 2021 
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“After years of drought in North West News South Wales, pouring rain seemed an appropriate gift from God and an appropriate welcome for the new Bishop of Armidale, consecrated at the weekend.

No-one complained about the downpour, in fact Archbishop Glenn Davies described it as a ‘wonderful start’. …”

– Russell Powell at Anglican Media Sydney has this report on Bishop Rod Chiswell’s consecration in Armidale on Saturday.

VCAT Given New Powers to Investigate Christians for Praying

Posted on March 2, 2021 
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Sinicization is not only an agenda being forced upon the Chinese people by an authoritarian regime. We now have our own version here in Victoria as the State now subjects its citizens to new invasive and extreme laws that will strip people of basic freedoms of conscience, speech and association. Perhaps we should call it, Victorianization.

The Victorian Parliament last month passed the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020.

Under this Act, criminal charges can be laid and convicted persons may face up to 10 years imprisonment and fines of $200,000. There is also a civil avenue for people wishing to make complaints against fellow Victorians, and it’s these new powers given to VCAT that are the focus of The Age’s story.

An anonymous complaint is a sufficient reason for VCAT to open an investigation, compel you to produce personal documents and information, and force you to attend reeducation programs that will teach you what to believe about sexuality and gender.”

– In Melbourne, Murray Campbell highlights more of what is coming for the residents of that state.

AMiE Resource Library

Posted on March 2, 2021 
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AMiE, the Anglican Mission in England, has an online Resource Library you might find helpful.

See it here.

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