Kanishka Raffel with Richard Glover on ABC Radio Sydney

Posted on May 10, 2021 
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Richard Glover on ABC Radio Sydney interviewed newly elected Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel today.

Listen to the conversation from 2 hours 41 minutes into the show.

Image from the Cathedral video stream, 09 May 2021.

Stand firm! – Bishop Rod Chiswell at Moore College

Posted on May 10, 2021 
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Bishop Rod Chiswell, the recently-installed Bishop of Armidale, spoke at Moore College chapel on 1 Corinthians 15:53-58 last week.

Most encouraging.

Moore College welcomes Kanishka & Cailey Raffel

Posted on May 10, 2021 
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“Moore College welcomes the election of the new Archbishop of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel.

Kanishka is married to Cailey and they have two adult daughters, Hannah and Lucy.

He is a graduate of the College having studied here from 1992–1995. While exercising a powerfully effective ministry at St Matthew’s Wanniassa in Canberra (1996–99) and St Matthews’ Shenton Park in Perth (1999–2015), he completed a MA (Theol) from the College as well (2010). Since returning to Sydney as Dean of Sydney in 2016, Kanishka and Cailey have been frequent visitors to the College. …”

A welcome from Moore College.

Bishop of Bathurst introduces their new Chancellor

Posted on May 9, 2021 
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Bishop of Bathurst Mark Calder introduces the new Chancellor of the diocese, Adrian Ahern.

Sydney’s new Anglican Archbishop faces an enormous task

Posted on May 9, 2021 
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“Last week, Sydney’s Anglicans elected Kanishka Raffel to serve as Archbishop of Sydney.

Kanishka is currently serving as dean in Sydney’s St Andrew’s Cathedral. At a service there on May 28, he will be officially installed in the role, making him the spiritual leader of some half a million people who identify as Anglicans in Greater Sydney and Wollongong. …

Only about 60,000 people regularly attend Anglican churches in the Sydney diocese. … There is, however, a deep spiritual hunger in our community – a desire that has intensified during the pandemic.”

– Michael Jensen writes about the challenges facing the new Archbishop and Anglicans in Sydney – in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Image: Kanishka and Cailey Raffel were interviewed about their new roles during the Cathedral service this morning.

Queen’s Birthday Conference 2021

Posted on May 9, 2021 
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“Our society has removed all reference to, or analysis of, ‘evil’ and yet wants to engage in moral discourse! How can Christians engage with our world, when our message is all about the evil within the human heart and God’s removal of it.

The Queen’s Birthday Conference 2021 gives Christians an opportunity to think through The Removal of Evil.

The conference is a great time to hear Phillip Jensen teach God’s Word clearly, meet together and discuss the implications with each other during refreshments, pray and ask questions in the Q&A session – all of this is included in your registration for the In-person event at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

Our MC for the afternoon is Simon Gillham (Vice Principal and Head of Department of Mission at Moore Theological College).

If you live outside Sydney you can register for the Online event …”

– Details and register at phillipjensen.com/qbc2021.

An historic moment at Synod — video

Posted on May 6, 2021 
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Watch this encouraging video of the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney welcoming Kanishka and Cailey Raffel just after Kanishka was elected as the next Archbishop of Sydney.

With thanks to Russell Powell and Anglican Media Sydney.

Getting to know the incoming Archbishop of Sydney

Posted on May 6, 2021 
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Many will know Kanishka Raffel, who was elected as Archbishop of Sydney at the special session of Sydney Synod this week.

If you don’t know Kanishka, here is some background provided by his nominators:

“Kanishka Raffel is currently the Dean of Sydney, serving at St Andrew’s Cathedral.

He has been married to Cailey for 32 years, and they have two adult daughters.

Born in London of Sri Lankan parents, he arrived in Australia as a 7-year-old. His father died soon after the family arrived in Australia and his mother and siblings moved back to Sri Lanka for a couple of years before returning to Australia when Kanishka was 9.

Raised a Buddhist, a friend gave Kanishka a copy of two Gospels when he was at University. At the age of 21, Kanishka was convicted by the inescapable words of Jesus in John’s Gospel: ‘No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day’ (John 6:44). This personal experience has not only meant that Kanishka is passionate about spreading the Good News but it also means that he happily rests on the unchanging truth that God brings people to himself through his Son.”

Here a selection of links (some of them thanks to the above website) to help you get to know Kanishka:

The Dean’s Story – interview with Rachael Kohn on ABC Radio National, February 2016. Audio file here.

Interview with Noel Debean on ABC Radio Religion and Ethics, March 2016.

A very surprised Christian – Kanishka’s journey from Buddhism to Christ, in his own word, May 2018.

Do not lose heart – Preaching Matters, St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, February 2015.

Good News from the Other Side — Dean of Sydney’s Easter Day sermon 2020.

Speaking about Love on Good Friday, March 2016.

Unexpected Beauty: The Enduring Comfort of Christian Fellowship, March 2021.

A selection of articles on The Gospel Coalition website

Guest appearance on The Drum, ABC TV, October 2019 – esp. see from 43:39.

‘Leading from the pulpit’, Village Church Annadale, 2018.

A sermon on John 6:49-69 (I am the bread of life) at MBM Rooty Hill, March 2019.

Please uphold in prayer Kanishka and Cailey with the many changes coming for them both, and pray that they will continue to delight in knowing and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Photo: Courtesy Kanishka’s nominators.

“Like every Christian, I gladly trust in Jesus.” — Kanishka Raffel elected Archbishop of Sydney

Posted on May 6, 2021 
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“The Dean of Sydney, the Very Reverend Kanishka Raffel, has been elected as Archbishop of Sydney, the first person from a non-European background to hold the position.

He’s the 13th leader of the Anglican Church in Sydney since Bishop Broughton was first appointed in 1836.

‘I’m humbled and somewhat daunted by the responsibility given me by the Synod,’ Archbishop-elect Raffel said. ‘We believe that the Lord works through his people — both in making this decision and in enabling the Archbishop to fulfil his role. Like every Christian, I gladly trust in Jesus.’

Mr Raffel has been the Dean of Sydney for six years, previously leading a large Anglican church in Perth for 16 years. …”

– Read the full report from Russell Powell at SydneyAnglicans.net

Image via Anglican Media Sydney.

Election update: One name through

Posted on May 6, 2021 
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From SydneyAnglicans.net:

“At midday on Thursday May 6, the Diocesan Secretary announced the result of the second vote taken at the Archbishop Election Synod on Wednesday night.

Delegates met at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour and considered Dean Kanishka Raffel and Bishop Michael Stead, the two names left after the first round of voting.

Only one nominee proceeded to the final select list, Dean Kanishka Raffel. (see the announcement of voting here)

The Election Synod will vote tonight on whether to invite the Dean to be the next Archbishop of Sydney.”


Also, the snap COVID restrictions in Sydney, beginning at 5:00pm, will mean that Synod members will need to wear masks indoors for the final session where the motion will be put that ‘That (A.B) be invited to be Archbishop of Sydney’ (where A.B. will be Dean of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel).

The Equality Act and the future of Religious Freedom in the USA

Posted on May 6, 2021 
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“For the past few months, American Christian commentators have watched the Equality Act (Amendment HR5) make its way through Congress.

The Act presents a serious challenge to religious freedom and directly affects the rights of Christians and other religious worshippers to express beliefs that may be contradictory to the cultural zeitgeist and are deemed discriminatory. …”

– At The American Anglican Council, Canon Phil Ashey outlines some of the challenges coming for Christians in his country – and doubtless in many other places as well.

Two names proceed to Select List in Archbishop’s election Synod

Posted on May 5, 2021 
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According to this Report to the President of the Synod, after last night’s vote in the special session of the Synod, two names have proceeded to the Select List. They are:

Dean of Sydney Kanishka Raffel and
Bishop of South Sydney Michael Stead.

Please uphold these men in prayer, as well as the Synod in its continued deliberations this evening.

Click the image above for all documents relating to the Synod.

Previously: Continued prayers urged for Nominees for Archbishop of Sydney.

Photo of the well-spaced Synod meeting courtesy SydneyAnglicnas.net.

And so it begins — Archbishop of Sydney Election Synod

Posted on May 4, 2021 
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“The four nominees for the election of the next Archbishop of Sydney sat quietly in the public gallery as the Election Synod got underway.

The first session, which was the only session open to the public, included a Bible study by the Reverend Simon Manchester and an address by the Synod President, Bishop Peter Lin. …”

– At SydneyAnglicans.net Russell Powell reports on the start of the Election Synod.

Your prayers for each of the men pictured above, and for the election process, would be greatly valued.

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