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What is the Anglican Church League?

Based in Sydney, Australia, the ACL is an association of evangelical Australian Anglican Christians who desire to maintain the reformed, protestant and evangelical character of the Anglican Church.

This character is based on Scripture and is expressed in the Book of Common Prayer and the Thirty Nine Articles of Religion.

The League has been active in the Anglican Church of Australia since 1909, mainly in the Diocese of Sydney, but also by encouraging evangelical Christians elsewhere.

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From Archbishop Glenn Davies

Archbishop Glenn Davies“The ACL’s role in Sydney is to keep the Diocese evangelical. That’s our role. Our role is to be ever vigilant… What one generation fights for, the next generation accepts and the third one forgets. The stronger the ACL is, the stronger the Diocese of Sydney is; the stronger the Diocese of Sydney is, the better the national Church will be.”

(The Most Rev. Dr. Glenn Davies was Archbishop of Sydney 2013-2021.
He spoke at the ACL’s Confessional Anglicanism Conference in March 2015.)


From John C. Chapman

John Chapman“It has been interesting to me to see how the churches in the New Testament, who were founded by the apostles, so soon fell into such error that the apostles say that they have lost the gospel itself (see 2 Corinthians 11:4).

There is in the Pastoral epistles a strong call to guard and preserve the gospel. The ACL was founded and exists to do that. The way they seek to do it is to help us by finding people who are committed to this cause who will serve us on the committees and boards of the various agencies of this vast Diocese.

I have been a member of ACL for more than 30 years and commend its activities.”

(The late Canon John Chapman served as Director of the Department of Evangelism in Sydney Diocese.)


The ACL’s Policy Objectives

As an evangelical fellowship, the Anglican Church League is committed to these policy objectives –

  1. To defend and advance the protestant and reformed principles of the Anglican Church based on Holy Scripture and as set out in the Book of Common Prayer and the Thirty-Nine Articles.
  2. To uphold and promote the local church as the fundamental sphere of Christian ministry, teaching and fellowship.
  3. To promote the ministry of lay men and women to strengthen the outreach of the gospel within the churches and the community.
  4. To support the training of godly, competent and biblically committed pastors and teachers to equip the churches to serve Christ through loving obedience to his Word.
  5. To uphold the supremacy of the Synod in the governing of the Diocese, subject to the Scriptures, and to affirm the need for diocesan committees and organisations to be accountable to the Synod which established them.
  6. To reform the structures and practices of the [Sydney] Diocese to increase their effectiveness in assisting local church-based evangelism and ministry.

What Does the ACL Do?

The ACL is active in Sydney Synod affairs. It offers advice to Synod members about people suitable for election to committees and other bodies which influence the quality and direction of Church life.

The Council, through its members, nominates people for positions on committees within Sydney Diocese. The League encourages the study of relevant issues through literature, lectures and conferences.

The Council appoints task forces to promote the League’s policies and to consider other relevant matters. It also convenes regional and local meetings for its members. Papers on theological and diocesan matters are also released from time to time. The League’s website seeks to provide up to date news and information of interest to members.

The ACL also seeks to encourage evangelical Anglicans outside Sydney Diocese.

The League is always seeking like-minded evangelical men and women to join in this vital and strategic work.


About our website

Our website is a ministry to our members and others who are interested. We hope you find it a blessing. We post links to Anglican news, wider Christian news, and resources of various kinds.

Of course, posting a link does not necessarily imply endorsement by the ACL’s Council.