Sunday morning encouragement

With thanks to Emu Music.

Sunday morning encouragement

With thanks to Emu Music.

How I came to know Jesus – Lionel Windsor

At The Australian Church Record, Lionel Windsor shares how he came to know Jesus.

Hint: A Scripture teacher was a part of the story!

Getting to the Heart of the Text

“Haddon Robinson’s contribution to the preaching task of the church was his emphasis on getting to the big idea of the text.

Scholars may debate the appropriateness of such reductionism, weekly preachers and their congregations recognise the value of the big idea getting to the heart of the text.

Here are some steps which you may find useful to follow…”

More resources to help and encourage preachers – from David Cook at the Expository Preaching Trust. Includes a worked example.


In Memoriam: Haddon Robinson, 24 July 2017.

Photo: Haddon Robinson.

Sunday morning encouragement

With thanks to Rob Smith and St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

How I came to know Jesus – Mike Leite

“The story of God’s grace and mercy in bringing me to faith in Jesus is very ordinary. Ordinary in the sense that mine is not a spectacular conversion story. God used ordinary means. He used ordinary people. And thus, mine is an ordinary story. …”

– More encouraging stories from The Australian Church Record.

Bathurst Anglican e-News — October 2021

The Diocese of Bathurst’s e-News for October 2021 is now up on their website.

There are reports from the recent Synod, as well lots of encouraging news from around the diocese.

Fuel for your prayers. (3.8MB PDF file.)

Why we should all be using printed Bibles

“When you open a print Bible, you are immediately aware of where the text you are reading comes in the Bible as a whole. Genesis is at the beginning; the Psalms are in the middle. Revelation is at the end. Noticing these, even unconsciously, is contributing to your biblical literacy—your overall understanding of the shape of the biblical story—and this is a crucial skill in reading and interpreting well. …”

– Ian Paul loves his electronic Bibles, but wants to encourage you to use a printed Bible. His arguments make a great deal of sense.

Kristyn Getty reads the ESV for Crossway

Crossway has added Kristyn Getty’s recording of the entire Bible to its ESV Bible apps and at It’s another encouragement to engage with God’s Word.

See a video and links to download the apps here.

Bishop Greg Anderson’s Charge to the Synod of the Diocese of the Northern Territory

“There is so much to thank God for as we look around the ministries of our parishes.

We are blessed with capable ordained church leaders, other stipended lay ministers, and dedicated volunteers. There is consistent numerical growth in many of our churches, and growth in financial commitment of our members.

Bigger numbers are nice, but what is important is more people understanding about God’s saving work through Jesus Christ, and their understanding being reflected in their lives, individually and as community…”

– As he is about to begin his eighth year as Bishop of The Northern Territory, Greg Anderson delivered an encouraging Presidential Charge to the Thirty-Seventh Synod of the Diocese last weekend.

Do pray for the work of the gospel in the Top End.


Prior to the Synod, on Friday September 17, Bishop Anderson officially launched the Kriol Preya Buk at a special celebration service at Darwin’s Christ Church Anglican Cathedral.

“The Kriol Preya Buk (Prayer Book) is the result of almost ten years of hard work by a team of more than 23 Kriol-speaking translators from different communities in the Top End. It brings together in one volume a comprehensive suite of liturgy, prayers and responses, for all Kriol-speaking Christians.” More photos on the diocesan Facebook page.

Sunday morning encouragement

With thanks to Emu Music.

Growing Old — Blessing or Curse?

Equal But Different has published three reflections on growing older – by Lesley Ramsay. She writes of the dangers and blessings of growing older:

Growing Old — Blessing or Curse? Part 1.

Growing Old — Blessing or Curse? Part 2.

Growing Old — Blessing or Curse? Part 3.

Keep the Bible Front and Centre

“To state the obvious, we must let the Bible shape what we do as mission leaders.

That means that we need to keep on constantly thinking about the priority that we give to our personal reading of the Bible, to our use of the Bible in our day-to-day ministry and to the way that we apply the Bible as we think through what is happening in the world today.

I’d like to encourage you to do two things …”

– Kevin Murray, National Director of Australian Presbyterian World Mission, writes at Missions Interlink.

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