How to Join

What is the ACL?

Under God, the ACL is one of the most important grassroots collective efforts Sydney Anglicans can participate in.

The central priority of the ACL is to promote Christ and the reformed evangelical Protestant faith through the structures of the Anglican Church of Australia.

The primary activities of the ACL are to inform its members of issues affecting the Church and recommend the best people for boards and committees, particularly in the Diocese of Sydney.

How important is the ACL? 

Informing: Our website and Facebook page are updated frequently and are some of the best sources for Anglican news in Australia (and indeed internationally). The ACL also provides resources on the state and shape of the church in Sydney, Australia and the world. The book The Line in the Sand, jointly published with the Australian Church Record, provided vital biblical and practical input into the recent discussions of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia (May 2022) and helped many Synod members to engage clearly and faithfully with the issues.

Recommending: The boards and committees of the Diocese set the direction and make decisions about how funds and personnel should be allocated for the work of gospel ministry within the Diocese and beyond. Working together, the ACL Council seeks the best people willing to serve in these critical roles, and recommends them to appointing bodies to consider them in good time. Since its inception in 1909, the ACL has proven to be extremely good at considering, and thus successful in recommending, the right candidates.

So why be an ACL member?

  1. To keep up to date and pray. Receive members’ updates and follow and support our website and Facebook page.
  2. To keep promoting good candidates and issues. The ACL is about seeking out suitable candidates and identifying issues that need to be addressed and discussed more broadly. Members elect the ACL Council and are urged to keep it updated with their own recommendations and issues for consideration.

Our human efforts are always thankfully within and subject to God’s sovereign purposes. With your support, the ACL can continue to play a vital role in promoting Christ within and from the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

How can I become a member?

To become a member:

1. Chat with any existing member of the ACL willing to endorse your membership (preferably a Council Member)

2. Email to apply.

To renew your membership, simply respond to the recent email inviting you to renew!

To find out more:

Check out our website:

Follow the Anglican Church League page on Facebook.


The annual membership subscription is currently $35 ($25 for retired individuals, $0 for students at Moore Theological or Youthworks College). Joint husband and wife memberships are $45.


Please be sure to press the Submit button, or we won’t receive your application.