Confessing the Faith: The Place of Confessions in Church Life

“We believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.”

“Our young church recites these words from the Nicene Creed when we gather in Vienna, Austria. For many evangelicals, such ancient traditions may seem either obvious or archaic, but our church recites creeds, confessions, and catechisms (henceforth just confessions) nearly every Lord’s Day.

So in 2021, in a largely unchurched and post-Christian European country, why make confessions a regular rhythm in church life? …”

At 9Marks, Kai Soltau and Matthew Short write of the value of Confessions – something Cranmer knew well.

Australian “conversion therapy” laws and religious freedom

From Neil Foster at Law and Religion Australia:

I recently presented a paper to a legal seminar which summarised the effect of three Australian laws on “conversion therapy” and their impact on religious freedom. The paper can be downloaded here: “Religious Freedom, Australian ‘Conversion Practices’ Laws & the Enforceability of Court Orders“.

Image: Diocese of Sydney.

Jesus is off to the beach

“This week, Senior Pastor of Seaforth Anglican, Rich Wenden, explores his findings on how we, as God’s people, can better bring the good news of Jesus to these places.”

– from The Pastor’s Heart.

Sunday morning encouragement

A new song for Christmas – How Still the Starry Night – from Emu Music.

Reflections on Advent with Amy Kuhn

“Advent serves as a reminder to us and those around us of our Saviour’s birth, without which we would not have the hope and security of salvation.

In the lead up to Christmas, we have a time to reflect, prepare, wait, rejoice, and celebrate. We essentially are getting ready for the most important birthday party of the year. …”

The Australian Church Record asks Amy Kuhn for her reflections on the season of Advent.

Sound Doctrine: The Foundation for Faithful Ministry

There’s never been a greater need for sound biblical doctrine in our churches,

That’s the theme of the latest 9Marks Journal.

Read or download here.

Q&A with Phil Colgan

From Tony Payne –

“A broad-ranging chat with Phil Colgan about the opportunities and threats we face, about being proud of the gospel, about the two books everyone should read, and more.”

Listen, or read the transcript, at The Payneful Truth.

(Image: Phil Colgan on The Pastor’s Heart, August 2018.)

Nexus Refresh — Friday 03 December 2021

Nexus Refresh is set for 10:00am on Friday 3 December 2021 at Village Church Annandale.

“We’re looking forward to getting together in person for a day to pray, be refreshed for ministry by hearing from God’s word, sing the praises of our great God and of course to eat together.”

Watch Chris Braga encourage you to be there.

Should I Choose a Church for its Pastor?

“If you are looking for a good church, the role of the preacher of God’s Word is the most important thing to consider.

I don’t care how friendly you think the church members are. I don’t care how good you think the music is. Those things can change.

But the congregation’s commitment to the centrality of the Word coming from the front, from the preacher, the one specially gifted by God and called to that ministry, is the most important thing you can look for in a church. …”

– In this extract adapted from Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, Mark Dever shares some advice on choosing a church. At Crossway.

Launch 2022 — A camp for School Leavers keen to live for Jesus

This is a great time to urge school leavers who are planning on going to university next year, to consider Launch 2022.

Dates: 31 January — 3 February 2022
Venue: KCC Conference Centres.
Speakers: Phillip Jensen and Richard Chin.

The main aims of the Launch conference are:

See all the details and registration at

(Do you know someone who would benefit from going to Launch 2022?)

Recruiting women for vocational Christian ministry – with Kara Hartley and Jane Tooher

“How are we going as a network of complementarian churches at raising up women for ministry?

How do you develop a culture in your church that is really positive to women exercising their gifts and hence stepping forward for full time ministry roles?

What should our vision be for raising up women in ministry?  What progress has been made?  What are next steps? …”

– Here’s the latest from The Pastor’s Heart.

Preaching Clubs — update from the Expository Preaching Trust

David Cook shares some details of the Expository Preaching Trust’s Preaching Clubs for 2022 –

“If you are a preacher do come along and join in the supportive fellowship, you will get to preach twice each year and have your sermon critiqued.

The size of the club is limited to 14 members, we enjoy good coffee and food. …”

Read all the details here.

Remembrance Day resources

Running a Remembrance Day service?

Here are some resources you might find helpful – from Defence Anglicans.

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