EMA 2021 — Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th June

The Proclamation Trust’s Evangelical Ministry Assembly is being held online from the UK this week. The theme is Word Work.

“Building on the success of last year’s online EMA we are going to run it again online this year.

The event will be free to all and each day will run 09:30-12:30 BST. [6:30pm – 9:30pm AEST Tuesday to Thursday.]

Each morning will start with a conference sermon from Luke 19, preached by Rico Tice, Phil Allcock and William Philip.

Next one of the Cornhill staff will take us through an exegesis session showing us the working they do on a passage in the study.

The mornings will finish with the Cornhill staff member preaching an expository from the passage they have been working on.

It is going to be a terrific event and we would love to have you with us. The conference will be streamed live here.”

See the timetable here.

Watch the livestream here.

And download the Workbook here.

Practical principles for kids’ ministry

“A danger in children’s ministry is that it becomes disconnected: children are disconnected from ministry to adults on Sundays and Sundays are disconnected from any wider ministry during the week.

Here are a few key ways to help a children’s ministry grow to be an integrated family ministry. …”

– At The Australian Church Record, Pete Tong shares some encouraging principles.

See also his earlier posts –

I’m not passionate about kids’ ministry – but it still matters – 03 June 2021.

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J. I. Packer’s Final Book

“J. I. Packer, who went to be with his Triune covenant Lord on July 21, 2020, was never able to see this final book in print. But The Heritage of Anglican Theology was near and dear to his heart, the one book he wanted to give his last years to. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition, Justin Taylor introduces J. I. Packer’s last book.

Image: Regent College, Vancouver.

Moore Matters Winter 2021

The Moore Matters for Winter 2021 is now being distributed to churches.

It’s packed with encouraging articles, and has plenty of fuel for prayer.

You can read online or download your own copy at this link.

Responding to Family Violence – The Anglican Example

From The Gospel Coalition Australia:

“The Anglican Church of Australia commissioned research into the prevalence of Family Violence among those who identify as Anglican, along with related research on clergy awareness and victim experience of FDV.  The National Anglican Family Violence Research Report was published last week along with 10 commitments to prevent and respond to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). This research is a first among Australian Christian denominations.

Sandy Grant is the Senior Minister of St Michael’s Cathedral Wollongong. He kindly agreed to Murray Campbell for this interview.”

Read the full interview with Sandy (pictured) here.

The Importance of Complementarianism

“I was asked recently about the role of women at my church. This is a topic I love to speak about and I am always excited to list off the many ways that women serve.

As an example, last Sunday we had women leading music, praying, reading the Bible, teaching kids’ church, and leading an easy English Bible study. Outside of Sunday ministry women serve as parish councillors, wardens, small group leaders and, in many other ways.

While I am thankful for each of the ways women serve, I made a mistake by answering the question about the role of women when I answered it in this way. …”

ACL Council member Rev. Kate Haggar writes at The Australian Church Record.

The Homogenous Unit Principle: All you need to know with David Williams

From The Pastor’s Heart:

“The Homogeneous Unit Principle suggests that outreach is most effective when carried out in the context of a discrete group defined by similarity in cultural background.

But David Williams says the mission world’s view today is that it’s bad in practice and theory. We discuss a biblical view of class, race and language and challenge assumptions about how we set up Church. We also discuss the impact of COVID on the raising and sending out of missionaries.

Dr David Williams is the Director of Development and Training for CMS Australia and Principal of the missionary training college St Andrews Hall in Melbourne.”

– A fascinating conversation.  Watch or listen here.

The Inside Story

“The values of liberal democracy overlap with Judaeo-Christian values, both of which are currently under threat. We have the latter values thanks to the Decalogue in the Tanakh, the teachings of Jesus in the Gospels, and the admonitions of the apostles recorded in their letters.

These values include due acknowledgement and love for the Almighty, care of neighbour, respect for governing authorities, lifelong commitment in marriage, responsible upbringing of children, and the expectation of working to provide for the family. …”

Bishop Paul Barnett AM shares this short but enlightening paper on the origins of the underpinnings of western civilisation.

Image: Aquila Press.

Review: Priscilla and Aquila Conference, 2021

“The Priscilla and Aquila Conference at Moore College on February 1st this year was another in that long line of what we have to come know as… pandemic conferences.  Much reduced physical attendance, large numbers of online attendees, a virtual speaker broadcasting from another state. Yet it proved to be first rate. If I was writing this for millennials, I’d say it was a ‘cracker of a conference’!

Gary and Fiona Miller joined us from Queensland Theological College (complete with backdrop of the Brisbane CBD) for the 2 plenary Bible talks on ‘Genesis Women: Why the patriarchal narratives aren’t patriarchal’. …”

– At Equal But Different, Lesley Ramsay commends the talks given at this year’s P&A Conference.

The Word of God — the Bible!

“Central to our Christian faith is our conviction that the Bible is God’s book, the book through which He reveals Himself, His will and purpose.

The very first clause in the ordination vows of Elders and Minsters relates to the ordinand’s conviction about the Bible.

The most important reading in any class preparing people to preach is to read what the Systematic tomes teach about the doctrine of revelation.

Preachers need to understand the nature of the book they are to spend a lifetime preaching, so whether it be Robert Reymond or Wayne Grudem or Kevin DeYoung, the preacher in training needs to understand the inspiration, authority, reliability and sufficiency of God’s Word, the Bible. It is a constant battle keeping the Bible, and therefore God, central in our ministry and lives. We may be losing the battle!

I have noticed three unhealthy trends. …”

Encouragement from David Cook.

Talking Freely Podcast – Dr Rory Shiner

With Religious Freedom Weekend coming up, in the latest podcast from Freedom for Faith, Dr Rory Shiner speaks about secularism.

Other episodes of the Talking Freely Podcast can be found here.

(Image: The Pastor’s Heart.)


Queen’s Birthday Conference 2021

“Our society has removed all reference to, or analysis of, ‘evil’ and yet wants to engage in moral discourse! How can Christians engage with our world, when our message is all about the evil within the human heart and God’s removal of it.

The Queen’s Birthday Conference 2021 gives Christians an opportunity to think through The Removal of Evil.

The conference is a great time to hear Phillip Jensen teach God’s Word clearly, meet together and discuss the implications with each other during refreshments, pray and ask questions in the Q&A session – all of this is included in your registration for the In-person event at St Andrew’s Cathedral. (Update: In-person registration is no longer available, but you can register to watch online!)

Our MC for the afternoon is Simon Gillham, Vice Principal and Head of Department of Mission at Moore Theological College.

You can register for the Online event …”

– Details and register at phillipjensen.com/qbc2021.

Southern Cross — June 2021

The latest Southern Cross magazine (June 2021) from Anglican Media Sydney is now available.

While printed copies will be distributed in churches, it also can be read and downloaded online.

Plenty of encouraging reading,

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