Evangelism and New Churches Conference

Here’s an encouraging conference to help train and equip you for effective gospel conversations.

Saturday 4th June 2022 at St. Anne’s Anglican Church, Ryde.

Details from Evangelism and New Churches.

2022 — Year of 5fish

We’ve previously mentioned the Australian-produced 5fish app and website for sharing the news of Jesus in thousands of languages.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the app, GRN (Global Recordings Network) is calling 2022 “the year of 5fish” to help get the word out about these wonderful tools.

They are also looking for help in increasing the user interface translations from 19 to over 40. (The page linked above has a list of the user interface translations needed. Can you help?)

The 5fish app is a terrific resource to have on your device.

John Anderson with William Lane Craig

Before Christmas John Anderson spoke with philosopher, theologian and apologist Dr. William Lane Craig for his “John Anderson Direct” series –

“John and William discuss the historical plausibility of the resurrection of Christ, contemporary physics and faith, the existence of evil, and the Jewish Renaissance.”

Watch here. (The video on YouTube has links to sections of the conversation.)

Rico Tice preaches at the St. Helen’s Insurance carol service

Yes, Christmas is over, but it is always wonderful to hear Christ preached.

Rico Tice spoke from Matthew 2:1-12 at the St. Helen’s Bishopsgate Insurance Carol Service in December 2021.

Be encouraged to likewise share the news of Christ.

The easiest conspiracy theory to debunk this Christmas

“Are you feeling a bit apprehensive about your conversations with family and friends this Christmas?

The restrictions and lockdowns of the last few years have helped to keep us safe physically, but they’ve also played a role in dividing us socially. The combination of physical isolation, fears for safety, and the overwhelming stream of digital information at our fingertips have opened us up to all sorts of problems…”

– Dreading talking about COVID or US politics over Christmas lunch?

Lionel and Bronwyn Windsor have a suggestion for you. At The Australian Church Record.

Hoping Christmas is Good News

“If you regularly preach at this time and if, like me, you have been at it for forty years there aren’t too may Christmas-type verses left to preach on.

For all that, it is hard to beat the account of the announcement to the shepherd by the angel of the birth of the Lord Jesus. …”

– Short but sweet classic advice from Chappo – at The Australian Church Record.


“Do you really believe the gospel can convert your friends?” – John Chapman.

Photo: Matthias Media.

The New Two Ways to Live website

If you’ve been waiting for the Two Ways to Live website to be updated to reflect the new printed versions, then today is a happy day.

(If you prefer it as it was, the old version is still online.)

Jesus is off to the beach

“This week, Senior Pastor of Seaforth Anglican, Rich Wenden, explores his findings on how we, as God’s people, can better bring the good news of Jesus to these places.”

– from The Pastor’s Heart.

‘Passion for Life’ Down Under? — The Pastor’s Heart

“How might Australia and other countries take advantage of the united evangelism campaign being arranged for the UK and Ireland?

Can the campaign be used to give us a needed evangelistic shot in the arm?”

– At The Pastor’s Heart, Dominic Steele speaks with Jodie McNeill, Elliot Temple and Tom Melbourne.

28 minutes. Take the time to be encouraged and challenged.

See also:

A Passion for Life.

Q&A with Phil Colgan

From Tony Payne –

“A broad-ranging chat with Phil Colgan about the opportunities and threats we face, about being proud of the gospel, about the two books everyone should read, and more.”

Listen, or read the transcript, at The Payneful Truth.

(Image: Phil Colgan on The Pastor’s Heart, August 2018.)

5 Fish: A wonderful free gospel resource

Some might not be aware of a wonderful resource largely developed in Australia by Global Recordings Network.

5fish is available as a smartphone app on iOS and Android, and as a website – www.5fish.mobi.

“Listen to the Christian gospel spoken in virtually any language … Access Christian messages from the largest collection of languages in the world (6,175 speech varieties).

Download free content:

Bible stories, basic Bible teaching, Scripture, Christian songs and testimonies. The recordings are useful for learning about the Christian faith and sharing lessons with others.

Bible stories have been selected from the Old and New Testaments.

They include stories about significant events and people such as the creation of the world, Noah, Abraham, Moses, King David, the prophets and Jesus’ life, miracles and teaching. …

Languages are grouped by country. They can be identified by variant names or by listening to a sample online.

Gospel messages can be downloaded for future playback offline. Many recordings are audio-visual displaying high quality colourful illustrations.”

It’s well worth downloadling the app to your phone to be ready for any opportunity.

Dissecting the new Two Ways to Live – with Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne

“We are joined by the authors of Two Ways to Live, Phillip Jensen and Tony Payne, to talk through the changes they have made to the iconic gospel outline.

We talk through the what and why behind the changes.”

– Great encouragement in thinking how to share the gospel. At The Pastor’s Heart.

Back to the Word

“I’m just about ready to give up the rational conversational approach to social intercourse and to start quoting straight Bible to people.

The further we go, the more reason isn’t working anymore. In these sputtering last gasps of the Enlightenment, language itself is deconstructing before our eyes. …”

– At World Magazine Andrée Seu Peterson says we need to rethink our approach.

And Australia comes in for dishonourable mention.

Link via Tim Challies.

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