Commissioning in Cowra

From the Bathurst Diocese Facebook page:

“A great afternoon commissioning Ben (with Alissa) Connelly for ministry in Cowra with great thanks to BCA for their partnership. In the photos you’ll see the Rev’d Greg Harris, national director of BCA and various Bathurst clergy and spouses of who gathered for today.”

– A cause for thanksgiving and prayer. See also the BCA website.

Darrell Parker be installed as Bishop of North West Australia on 15th February

The Diocese of North West Australia advises that Darrell Parker will be installed as the Bishop of North West Australia at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Geraldton on Wednesday 15th February at 6:00pm AWST (9:00pm AEDT).

“We would be delighted if you could join us for this special occasion, either in person or through the livestream.

But above all, please join us in praying for Darrell and Elizabeth as they work out how to serve God faithfully and well in this new role, and that under Darrell’s watch the gospel will be boldly proclaimed in all the towns in North West Australia.”

Darrell will be consecrated at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney at 7:00pm AEDT (4:00pm AWST) on Friday 3rd February 2023.

Both services will be live-streamed on the Geraldton Cathedral website.

Photo: Darrell and Elizabeth Parker.

Commissionings and encouragement in Bathurst Diocese

Many will be encouraged by recent news from Bathurst.

The Bishop’s Newsletter – Summer Edition 2023 is available for download (PDF file).

Bishop Mark Calder writes, “This is the second of a semi-regular newsletter from me as a way of trying to increase communication around the diocese.”

Highlights include:


Grenfell – Tim Smith 11am Sat Jan 21
Oberon – Jonny Lush 1.30pm Sun Jan 22
Cowra – Ben Connelly 1.30pm Sat Jan 28
West Wyalong – Steven Klouth 11am Sat Feb 11
Cobar – James Daymond 11am Sat Feb 18

Ordination—04 Mar, at the Cathedral, 10am – James Boardman to be made deacon.

There’s also a parish profile for the Parish of Kelso which is vacant (and in a strategic location).

There’s plenty to pray about for Bathurst (and other country dioceses). In particular, pray for Bishop Mark Calder and his wife Susan with oversight and responsibilities for such a large area of NSW. Pray for those beginning ministries from Oberon to Cobar, and for the churches in which they minister. Pray that the men and women of these country areas might thirst to hear the gospel and to know Christ.

Photos – Commissioning services held over the weekend for Tim (and Jess) Smith at Grenfell and Jonny (and Liz) Lush at Oberon. Via the diocesan Facebook page.

Bathurst Diocesan Prayer Diary 2023

Please be encouraged to pray for the churches and people of the Diocese of Bathurst using their 2023 Prayer Diary.

Downloadable here as a PDF file.

One of the prayer requests for Day 15 –

“Please pray for the financial sustainability task force, that you would give them wisdom as they seek to lead our diocese to a better financial position. …”

Bishop of Tasmania’s Training Event 2022

From the Diocese of Tasmania:

“On 17 and 24 September, over 500 Anglicans from across Tasmania gathered in Hobart and Launceston to attend the annual Bishop’s Training Event.

In its 6th year, it was our biggest year yet, and we enjoyed encouragements from Bishop Richard and Wei-Han Kuan (the State Director of CMS Victoria). We are making the videos of the keynotes available and you can watch them below.”

Most encouraging.

Top Centre 22.4

The latest issue (22.4) of Top Centre, the magazine of the Diocese of the Northern Territory, is now online.

Download it for your encouragement and to inform your prayers. (PDF file.)

Bishop of Bathurst’s video message Christmas 2022

This video is a companion to Bishop Mark Calder’s text version previously published.

Bathurst Diocese parishes without clergy

From the Bathurst Diocese Facebook page:

“In the coming weeks, Bishop Mark [Calder] will commission new ministers in Oberon, Grenfell, Cowra, West Wyalong and Cobar!

We are so thankful to God for his provision. And yet, we still have 12 parishes without clergy! Rural ministry has surprising blessings! Maybe it is time to explore a new context, even though it may involve sacrifice and new challenges.

Bishop Mark would love to hear from you.”

Might the Lord be calling you?

Click the image for a larger version.

A Christmas 2022 message from Bishop Mark Calder

Bishop of Bathurst, Mark Calder, has written this Christmas op-ed:


Christmas is the sure sign that God is real and that he loves us.

That he’s real? We know that because he turned up. Jesus is none other than God in person. That’s extraordinary. And he turned up not in a palace, but in a food trough among farm animals. Such was his humility!

That he loves us? Only love would motivate the God of the universe to step into the world he created and be therefore vulnerable to humanity which had already turned its back on him!

Why did he do it?

Because he loves us so much that he didn’t want to leave us in the mess we’d made of things by shutting him out. Through his teaching, his life, and his death and resurrection, he makes it possible for anyone who wants to welcome him back into their life, to be forgiven, and reconciled to him for a great life now, and all eternity.

2022 has been another very tough year. Our only hope is not that things will get better, or that next year will be free of sadnesses and challenges (though I hope it is!); our only hope and help is to welcome the love, strength, and new life that God turned up 2,000 years ago to make possible.

Have a great Christmas!

Mark Calder
Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Bathurst – covering central and western NSW.

Bathurst News: Archdeacon Jono Williams to Canowindra

From the Diocese of Bathurst Facebook page:

“Bishop Calder announced today with thankfulness to God, that Archdeacon Jono Williams has accepted his invitation to be the next minister of the cooperating Anglican Uniting parish of Canowindra.

Please pray for Jono and Cudgegong Valley parish in a time of transition.”

Archbishop of Perth continues with Ordinations in the face of large objection

“The Archbishop of Perth, Kay Goldsworthy, chose on Wednesday evening to continue with and preside over the ordination to the priesthood of a man living with his civil union partner despite receiving a formal objection from a large number of members of the diocese, both clergy and lay.

The letter of objection, forwarded to, is signed by 25 clergy, 12 wardens, 18 parish councillors and 64 other church members. It asks the Archbishop to not proceed with ordaining the candidate …

The clergy objecting represent more than 15% of clergy in the diocese (based on 2022 General Synod delegate numbers). The laity represent a variety of the largest parishes and the overwhelming majority of financial contributions for the diocese from the parishes.”

David Ould draws attention to events in Perth.

Another Bathurst ordination on Saturday 3rd December

Bishop Mark Calder, James Daymond, Jonny Lush, Steven Klouth, Tim Smith, Rev. Greg Harris (BCA)

Give thanks to the Lord for the good things happening in the Diocese of Bathurst, and please pray that the churches will be strengthened and encouraged.

From the diocesan Facebook page

“Our candidates for Saturday’s ordination are on retreat with Bishop Mark and the Rev’d Greg Harris from BCA. Please pray for their preparation.”


“God willing Bishop Calder will, on 03 Dec at 11am, make Jonny Lush and Tim Smith deacons, and ordain James Daymond and Steven Klouth as priests.”

The service will be streamed liveon YouTube from shortly before 11:00amAEDT.

Bathurst newsletter November 2022

Bishop of Bathurst Mark Calder writes:

“Please find attached the first of a semi-regular newsletter from me as a way of increasing communication around the diocese – and beyond!”

Download the newsletter here as a PDF file. Food for prayer.

Top Centre 22.3 now online

The latest issue of the Diocese of the Northern Territory‘s magazine, Top Centre 3.22, is now available for download from their website.

New Resident Minister for Cobar after 20+ years

Bishop of Bathurst, Mark Calder, writes,

“Dear Brothers and sisters,

It is well over 20 years since there was a resident Anglican minister in Cobar.

So it is with great thankfulness to God that I announce today that the Rev’d James Daymond will take up this role sometime early in the new year.

Together with Brittany, James has been open to the call of God on his life for a new chapter in ministry. It is important to note that he will continue to do the work of an evangelist as James sees that as his primary calling. However, serving as Priest-in-Charge of Cobar, will only open up immense opportunities in the community at large for James to make connections, build trust and friendship and share Jesus for life.

This appointment would not be possible without the generous support of the Bush Church Aid Society. James and Brittany are delighted to be able to continue as BCA field staff members and will enjoy not only the generous funding of BCA, but also the wonderful prayer support which being part of the BCA family means.

I have great confidence that James and Brittany will be a great blessing to the seven current members of the church and to the community at large.

James commented on his appointment: “We thank the Anglican Parish of Cobar welcoming us both to serve them and to serve with them! We look forward to reaching out to the spiritually lost, sharing Jesus for life, and caring for Cod’s people.”

Please join me in giving thanks to God for James and Brittany’s willingness to serve in Cobar and for making the many sacrifices this will involve. And give thanks for BCA’s willingness to partner with us in placing a resident minister in Cobar – one of the first towns in which BCA ever placed a minister!

We pray also for those who in Mudgee who will feel the loss of James’ move. May they know God’s comfort and be given grace to trust in His plans, both for the future of the evangelism program and for Arvo church.”

Bishop Calder also writes,

“Currently a Deacon, God willing, James will be ordained Priest on 03 Dec at 11am, All Saints Cathedral, Bathurst.”

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