Should Church-run hospitals be forced to perform abortions?

“I’m beginning to think that when some people read ‘1984’ and ‘A Brave New World’, their impression is, what a great idea. Let’s model our society on ‘Oceania’ or ‘World State’!

There is a certain predictability about our political and social overlords: Christianity is bad, science is a subject in the Arts faculty, and conscience is only free for those who follow the right agenda. …”

– In this piece published last week, Murray Campbell in Melbourne responds to a move to force Church-based hospitals and health institutions to perform abortions.

He implores his readers, “please read the entire piece & not just one or two snippets. The whole argument matters, not just a quote or two.”

GSFA Bishops and Canterbury both release Statements on Lambeth 1.10

“At almost the same time, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSFA) released statements on Lambeth Resolution 1.10. Both could not have been more different in tone.

Canterbury released a letter to those at Lambeth stating that the Anglican Communion did, in fact, affirm Resolution 1.10. He even writes that the fact that Lambeth Calls: Human Dignity quotes the resolution three times should be enough to show that this is true.

What he doesn’t say is that the part of the resolution that affirms the traditional view of marriage and human sexuality was unceremoniously removed from the Call after causing liberal backlash. It is evident he is trying to appease Global South leaders and progressive leaders at the same time. …”

– Report from The American Anglican Council.

Image: Lambeth website.

Review: War on the West, by Douglas Murray

“Douglas Murray continues the expose and critique that he began in his Madness of Crowds, focussing on the West’s increasing loathing of itself, particularly through the lens of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and a general contempt for its own culture and history.

It covers the remarkable events of the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests and riots, showing the ideology animating that movement.

Murray gives a highly engaging account of how the same ideologies animating BLM are increasingly taking over corporations, schools, universities, and our politics. …”

– This review of Douglas Murray’s latest book is published at

Peter FitzSimons doesn’t understand the Manly 7

“The rainbow message doesn’t represent inclusion, it’s about capitulation. It represents doing away with traditional sexual ethics and embracing a new and unforgiving ‘truth’. …”

Murray Campbell writes an incisive article on the latest push in this culture war.

Manly facing player revolt over pride jersey for NRL match against Sydney Roosters

“Several Manly players are considering boycotting Thursday night’s match with the Sydney Roosters over the Sea Eagles’ decision to wear a gay pride jersey in the fixture. …”

– Story from ABC News.

“Fury at inclusion of same sex marriage ban on Lambeth conference agenda”

“There has been a furious response to the decision to re-introduce a divisive resolution banning same sex marriage, at the forthcoming Lambeth conference of worldwide Anglican bishops. …”

This article from Religion Media Centre in the UK is certainly not sympathetic towards Lambeth 1.10, but it does give a good glimpse of the anger at the suggestion that Lambeth might in some way reaffirm that 1998 statement on marriage and human sexuality. The Church is mirroring the world.

Image from the Conference Delegates Event Guide.

The trans culture wars vs lovingly pastoring gender incongruent church members – with Rob Smith

At The Pastor’s Heart:

“Sydney Missionary and Bible College Doctrine Lecturer Rob Smith submits his PhD this week on ‘Identity and Embodiment’ asking ‘How significant is our embodiment to our identity? How significant are our bodies to our gender identity?

There’s a new Matt Walsh Daily Wire documentary ‘What is a woman?’ that is causing a stir across the world.  We ask Rob ‘What is a woman?’ and for his review of the new Matt Walsh documentary.  Plus how do we best care pastorally for the gender incongruent church member.

Dominic Steele chairs the Sydney Anglican pastoral ministry Living Faith.  Rob is a member of the Living Faith Council. Living Faith’s ‘Developing Discipleship in Identity and Gender’ with Sam Allberry and Rob Smith is scheduled for Tuesday 2 August 2022. Register at”

Watch or listen here. Very helpful.

Biblical view of sex and gender “worthy of respect” after all

“In a good development for religious freedom, the UK Employment Appeal Tribunal (‘EAT’) in its decision in Mackereth v Department for Work and Pensions & Anor [2022] EAT 99 (29 June 2022) has ruled that a Biblical view of human sex and gender is ‘worthy of respect’ and may be protected as a religious belief in an appropriate case.

Unfortunately for Dr Mackereth, the outcome of the appeal was that the way he had been treated by the relevant Department in response to his protected belief was a ‘proportionate’ and hence lawful action.

As I will explain below, I think this part of the ruling may be challenged. But it is good to see common sense on the issue of the status of his belief, which is one that would be shared by many people in the community. …”

– Associate Professor Neil Foster takes a look at a recent ruling in the United Kingdom – at Law and Religion Australia.

Two Reformed denominations make important moves to defend Biblical teaching on homosexuality

“The summer is the season in general when Protestant denominations meet. They have their convocations, their house of delegates meeting. They have their annual convention, whatever it is, they come together. And there are major headlines that come out from at least some of America’s major denominations. …

One of them calls itself reformed, the Christian Reformed Church and the other one is the Presbyterian Church in America. … Both of them took very important actions to uphold a biblical understanding of sexuality. And in particular, to do so in the face of the LGBTQ challenge …”

– In his The Briefing for Thursday 30th June, Dr Albert Mohler looks at the significance of key decisions just made by two denominations in the USA. Essentially the same issues face Bible-believing denominations in Australia.

Listen, or read the transcript – Part III, 30 June 2022.


You don’t really know who your friends are until… – Tim Challies.

ACT Discrimination Law Reforms Narrow Religious Freedom

“The Australian Capital Territory government has released an Exposure Draft of a Bill to amend that jurisdiction’s Discrimination Act 1991 (“DA”). They have invited public comment by 1 July 2022.

As key protections for religious freedom in Australia are often found in “balancing clauses” in discrimination legislation, it is always worth keeping an eye on reforms to these laws.

Sadly, these proposed reforms will significantly narrow religious freedom protections in the ACT. …”

– Associate Professor Neil Foster takes a look at proposed law reforms in the ACT.

Statement on Supreme Court Dobbs decision by TEC Bishop Michael Curry

“Today the Supreme Court released its decision in the case of Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The court has overturned the constitutional right to abortion that was recognized in the seminal 1973 case Roe v. Wade.

While I, like many, anticipated this decision, I am deeply grieved by it. …

The church holds that ‘reproductive health procedures should be treated as all other medical procedures, and not singled out or omitted by or because of gender’ (2018-D032). …”

– From The Episcopal Church.

The Supreme Court Decision

“No matter on which side of the abortion debate you stand, this week’s US Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization is rightly viewed as monumental. For almost 50 years the precedent established by the Court’s Roe v Wade decision (1973) has stood, declaring a constitutional right to abortion in the United States. …

It is important to recognise precisely what was done by the US Supreme Court, and in particular the legal principle which lies at the heart of the dispute. …

Christians in many places will be rejoicing in this decision by the US Supreme Court. Some Christians will not, and there will be outrage from some quarters. There does however, need to be a measure of restraint on all sides. I dare say a measure of humility would not go astray either.”

– Principal of Moore College, Dr. Mark Thompson, has written on last night’s Supreme Court decision in the US.

‘This Is The Day The Lord Has Made’: A Monumental Victory for Life at The Supreme Court

Albert Mohler has released a special edition of The Briefing in response to the ruling by the US Supreme Court.

He beings with ‘a word from the heart’ before taking a closer look at the decision. He describes the decision as earthshaking’ and ‘an answer to prayer’. The first six or so minutes gives the summary.


The FAQs: Supreme Court Overturns Roe, Sends Abortion Back to States. – Joe Carter writes at The Gospel Coalition.

Carter concludes:

“This is one of the most significant acts of justice in modern history. While ruling brings only a change of direction, not an end, to the fight over abortion, it is an essential victory for the pro-life cause that should be celebrated by all Christians.

Roe was one of the most evil and repugnant decisions of jurisprudence in our nation’s history, on par with Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857) and Plessy v. Ferguson (1896). Because of the Court’s complicity with injustice, millions of children were legally allowed to be killed in the womb with the consent of the federal government. Even if, in the short-term, the number of abortions does not significantly change, this ruling will likely save many lives in the future. For that reason, we can thank God for this decision, which restores the balance of justice and gives us greater opportunities to fight for our most vulnerable children.”

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