Find Life that lasts: A national co-ordinated evangelism campaign

“How could we build back better after COVID?  Could evangelicals unite together to rebuild the church with a national co-ordinated evangelistic campaign?

COVID has created an unprecedented opportunity for evangelism, but churches and church leaders are feeling fragile and weary.

In Great Britain, churches are getting set for a national campaign leading up to Easter 2022, under the banner ‘Find life that lasts. It’s closer than you think.’…”

– Watch at The Pastor’s Heart.

How I came to know Jesus – Kirsten McKinlay

“Although I knew a lot of Bible stories, it wasn’t until a specific moment as a teenager that the overarching theme of the Bible, and the centre point of Christianity itself, made sense to me.

Until that moment, I was sure that being a nice and considerate person had earned me God’s favour. …”

– In another encouraging story from the ACR, Kirsten McKinlay shares how she came to Christ.


“It must be heart-breaking for someone with a life-threatening condition to know about a new treatment but have no access to it.  Family and friends will campaign and fundraise.  Every effort will be made by them because they know that there is a solution to the problem, and that they just need to get hold of it somehow.

For Christians, salvation is like that …”

– George Crowder at Church Society begins a series of posts on the Christian essentials of faith, hope and love.

Sunday morning encouragement

With thanks to Rob Smith and St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

Bringing the gospel to the North West

Here’s an encouraging and challenging video from the Diocese of North West Australia. Might you answer the call?

And a message from Bishop Gary Nelson to Christians in the North West –

“The diocese of North West Australia seeks to make disciples of all nations as we centre our church life in the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. As you pray, share your resources and visit, please remember to give God thanks for his unfailing, steadfast love to us. Thank you for your support.”

Read it all here.

Kanishka Raffel, the weeping Archbishop

“Much as been said about Kanishka in recent weeks, his Sri Lankan heritage, his background in law, his gifts of teaching and preaching, his intellect, and his commitment to indigenous reconciliation.

There is something else I have noticed. …”

– Murray Campbell sees something we should all learn from.

And watch Kanishka’s sermon here.

The Reformanda Initiative — in conversation with Mark Gilbert

In a recent podcast from The Reformanda Initiative in Rome, Mark Gilbert from Certainty4Eternity shares his own story about how he came to Christ.

He also has some practical advice on sharing the saving gospel with Roman Catholic friends. He says that genuine love is a key.

Very good to share (and to pray about).

Also see these books by Mark at Matthias Media.

This Easter is truly a time of celebration

“This Easter is truly a time of celebration.

Despite the ever-present threat of another virus hotspot, we sense that things are slowly returning to normal.

On our doorstep, outside St Andrew’s Cathedral, the city has come back to life and we can invite the city back in to celebrate with us.

What is so special about Easter Day?

The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the pivot of history.

In pandemic-weary Sydney you may baulk at that.

You are not the first. …”

The Daily Telegraph has published this Easter message from Dean of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel.

See it all here.

Image: St. Andrew’s Cathedral video.

It’s too soon to declare COVID defeated, but today is Victory Day anyway

“The Easter Show is back! So, we in Sydney are celebrating like it is 2019 – with some signs of normality. Have we won against COVID? It is too soon to declare victory.

But for Christians like me, we declare victory every Easter. In the Bible’s words, ‘Death has been swallowed up in victory … Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.‘

To set it in context, the Easter narrative is the culmination of God’s rescue plan for Planet Earth. Jesus, the perfect son of God, enters our imperfect world to repair our broken relationship with God. …”

– Bishop Michael Stead writes this op-ed in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Image: The Pastor’s Heart video.

Peter Jensen speaks with John Anderson

In his latest Conversations videos, John Anderson speaks with former Archbishop of Sydney Dr. Peter Jensen.

This wide-ranging and deeply personal interview is well worth your time – and is also worth sending to your friends, believers or otherwise.

Archbishop Glenn Davies’ Easter Message 2021

Just before his retirement last week as Archbishop of Sydney, Dr. Glenn Davies recorded this 79 second Easter message.

Great to share! Include it in your church service or video for this weekend! (The 38MB mp4 file can be downloaded here for use in church services.)

Here’s the full text, courtesy of

Easter the perfect lockdown that broke the chains of death, church says – SMH

“One church has characterised the death and resurrection of Christ celebrated at Easter as the perfect three-day lockdown that broke the chains of death. …”

This Sydney Morning Herald story highlights the Easter ‘sign’ at All Saints Nowra.

From Sydney to the World

If you missed out on seeing From Sydney to the World on Saturday (15th August), you can now watch the full presentation here.

It’s an important online event focussing on the raising up of the next generation of labourers for the harvest. Most encouraging. And do consider sharing the link.

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