Evangelism through making Christianity Strange

Posted on July 8, 2022 
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“Is secularism all bad? Does it always have to mean an increasing hostility to Christianity and resistance to the gospel?

Maybe not. One possibility is that it might be (at least partly) a blessing in disguise. As Perth minister Rory Shiner put it a few years back:

People are so post-Christian that the gospel is fresh and interesting. They know so little that there’s less prejudice. And if they have an impression of Christians at all, it’s so outrageously negative that all you have to do is offer them a cup of tea and not punch them in the face, and you seem like Mother Theresa.

In The World Next Door: A Short Guide to the Christian faith, Shiner and Peter Orr (NT lecturer at Moore College) have turned this theory into a book; a book that celebrates the weirdness of Christianity; a book that aims to intrigue and surprise non-Christians as much as explain, challenge and persuade.”

At The Australian Church Record, Andrew Moody introduces The World Next Door by Rory Shiner and Peter Orr.

The book is published by Matthias Media.