No higher title than ‘child of God’

Posted on May 29, 2021 
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“There was a knock at the cathedral door just moments after the afternoon rehearsal for the consecration and inauguration of Kanishka Raffel.

The door was opened by the Archbishop-elect himself. ‘Would you like a cup of coffee?’ he said to person at the door, one of the many people in difficulties who take shelter around the Cathedral.

‘Do you take sugar?’ the about-to-be Archbishop said as he went off to make the coffee himself.

It seemed fitting that only four hours later, before the Governor-General, politicians and leaders of other religious denominations, he was giving a sermon urging humility before the cross of Jesus. …”

– At, Russell Powell has this story on last night’s service of Consecration and Inauguration.

You can watch the entire service here – or click this link to go straight to the Bible reading by Mrs Cailey Raffel and then Archbishop Raffel’s sermon.

Photos by Russell Powell (click for full images):

Dean of Sydney Kanishka Raffel, about to enter the Cathedral for the Service of Consecration and Inauguration. By Russell Powell

Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel. By Russell Powell.