Remembering Broughton Knox

Broughton Knox, Principal of Moore College 1959–1985, was called home 28 years ago, on January 14th 1994.

Sir Marcus Loane, Archbishop of Sydney 1966 – 1982, preached at his funeral at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

And Donald Robinson, Archbishop of Sydney 1982–1993, wrote this tribute for ACL News.

Mothers Union Sydney Annual Seminar — For Such a Time as This

Mothers Union Sydney is holding its Annual Seminar on Friday 25th February.

The theme: For Such a Time as This.


The God We Know – Jo Gibbs

Have I the right to be who I am? – Rob Smith

When Dreams are Broken in the family – Jenny Brown, author of Growing Yourself Up.

Details at the MU Sydney website.

The impact and ministry of the Archbishops wives

“The Archbishop’s wife is a key person in our Diocese, providing her own leadership and gifts in the service of the Lord Jesus, church members, her family and her husband.

In Sydney we have been blessed by a succession of godly and able women, whose contribution has been sometimes underappreciated but always invaluable.”

– At, Simon Manchester asks Pam Goodhew, Christine Jensen, Di Davies and Cailey Raffel about their roles and experiences in working alongside their Archbishop husbands.

Don’t miss the truth of Christmas — Archbishop Kanishka Raffel

Here’s the first Christmas message from Archbishop Kanishka Raffel.
With thanks to

Great to share – you can also download it from this link.

New video: Thank you for supporting the Gospel in Greenfields

Here’s the latest encouraging video from the Archbishop of Sydney’s New Churches for New Communities.

Bringing Jesus to a needy city

“It may have been a stormy night under COVID restrictions, but masks could not hide the enthusiasm as Canon Andrew (Sandy) Grant was installed as the new Dean of Sydney. …”

– Russell Powell at has this report on the Installation of Dean Sandy Grant.

Watch the entire service here.

December 2021 Southern Cross magazine

The December 2021 issue of Southern Cross magazine from the Diocese of Sydney is now available online – as well as in printed form from parishes across Sydney.

You can download your own PDF copy at

Synod steps into the “greenfields”

“When Bishop Peter Lin spoke to the Archbishop’s Election Synod this year, he shocked the audience with a series of big numbers. …

The future shock of the speech stirred a move to bring the Synod to the so-called ‘greenfields’ areas of southwestern Sydney. So, for the first time since 1866, the church parliament of the Diocese will not begin its meeting in the city centre.…”

– At, Russell Powell highlights the massive changes planned for Sydney – and what the Anglican Church is doing.

Ordained for far and wide

“It’s a very great joy to be settting aside these men and women for this ministry,” said Archbishop Kanishka Raffel as he took his first ordination service as Archbishop. “I am reminded of my own deaconing service in St Andrew’s cathedral and I’m so grateful to God for his faithfulness.”

The Archbishop spoke as ordinands prepared to embark to ministries as wide afield as suburban Sydney to Darwin, Norfolk Island and the Seychelles.  …

– Encouraging story from Russell Powell about the latest ordinations at St. Andrew’s Cathedral.

New CEO for Anglicare Sydney announced

“This morning the chairman of Anglicare Sydney’s board, Greg Hammond, announced that the organisation’s new CEO is business consultant Simon Miller.

Mr Miller is managing director and senior partner at the Boston Consulting Group, and has many years’ experience advising company boards, executives and CEOs on everything from strategy to artificial intelligence. …

In addition, Mr Miller has been executive officer for the Sydney Diocese’s Social Issues Committee.”

News from Judy Adamson at

Christmas comes early!

“Density limits have been lowered to 2m2 and singing is back for churches from Sunday November 14, according to an easing of restrictions announced by Premier Dominic Perrottet.

Freedoms for the fully vaccinated in New South Wales that were to be introduced on Dec 1 have been brought forward to Monday, Nov 8. But freedoms for the unvaccinated will now not be introduced until Dec 15. …

Singing will return but masks are still mandatory indoors until December 15. From the intial government information, it appears that those not yet vaccinated, although they can attend church, will not be allowed to sing. See the government timeline here.”

Read the latest at

Southern Cross November 2021

In December, printed copies of Southern Cross, the magazine of Sydney Diocese, will again be available in churches.

The November issue is online-only, and is now available. Download your copy at

Be sure to read “Christians speak out against assisted suicide” –

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has urged Christians to speak up against the assisted suicide bill, which he calls “a momentous shift in medical practice and community expectation”

The bill, introduced into the NSW Parliament in October, uses the terminology of “voluntary assisted dying” but the Archbishop says it goes beyond the physician-assisted suicide it would legalise.

“It marks the final abandonment of one of the cornerstones of Western civilisation: the sanctity of life,” the Archbishop says. “Advocates of Voluntary Assisted Dying – a deeply misleading cluster of words – have emphasised not the sanctity of life, but quality of life as subjectively experienced, and the primacy of autonomous choice.”

The Archbishop, senior bishops and Christian medical groups have pointed out several ways the bill would not provide extra choice, as proponents argue, but would have a flow-on effect to all those battling terminal illness. …

– Read it all on page 5.

Get to know Kara Hartley — Archdeacon for Women

“By God’s grace a neighbour invited me to youth group when I was in late high school.

Arriving at that youth group I encountered people I already had connections with from primary school. That kept me there. Over the course of two years, I think God slowly warmed my heart to the gospel. …”

– At, Simon Manchester shares an encouraging interview with Archdeacon Kara Hartley. (Also in the October 2021 Southern Cross.)

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