The Good Fight of Faith

In the July–August 2022 issue of Southern Cross magazine Simon Manchester has an insightful interview with David and Bronwyn Short in Vancouver.

They share something of the battles for the truth of God’s Word, and the cost of doing so.

Do take the time to read it all (pages 24-26), and continue to uphold in prayer the Shorts, St. John’s Vancouver, and all of the Anglican Network in Canada.

Simon mentions the recent book The Anglican Church in Canada. Read more about it here.

Long-time readers will be well aware of events in Canada the last twenty years. David’s 2004 article “Are we stronger than He?” is a good place to start.

See also:

St. John’s Vancouver leaves the building, praying for God’s blessing on New Westminster, September 2011.

Posts relating to Vancouver, and Canada.

In the interview David Short says, “Jim Packer wrote a wonderful essay called ‘Why I Walked’ that is well worth reading.”. It certainly is, and is available here as a PDF file on the GAFCON website.

Photo: Bronwyn and David Short via

Archbishop Ben Kwashi’s visit to Sydney cancelled

From Anglican Aid Sydney, 20 June 2022 –

“It is with great excitement that we will be welcoming Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria, Ben Kwashi to Sydney in August, 2022. Archbishop Kwashi has agreed to present at an event for Anglican Aid supporters and ministry leaders on Saturday 13 August 2022.”


Anglican Aid has reported that Archbishop Kwashi’s visit has been cancelled due to his need for a medical procedure in late July.

Please continue to uphold in prayer Archbishop Kwashi and his family.

And do continue to support Anglican Aid.


Frontline church leader battles cancer –, October 2020.

With thanksgiving for Brian Richardson

We are very sorry to hear the news that Archdeacon Brian Richardson has died in Sydney.

Brian was Archdeacon of North Sydney 1982-1993. Previously he served as Rector of Turramurra 1977-1984, Manly 1966-1977 and Carlingford 1960-1966.

Our readers will want to uphold Brian’s family in their prayers at this time. We are thankful that Brian is now with Christ, and that is “better by far”. (Philippians 1:23.)

His funeral will be held at St James’ Turramurra tomorrow, Thursday 23rd June 2022 at 11:00am. (Video link here.)

Honoured for fostering love

“North Shore couple Carolyn and David Stedman, who have fostered 74 children, are among several Sydney Anglicans honoured in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours…”

– has the story.

Image: Seven’s Sunrise via Anglican Media Sydney.

A celebration of uncommon leadership — Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s sermon for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

“Princess Elizabeth was 25 years old and on tour in Kenya on her way to Australia, when she learnt the tragic news of the early death of her father, King George VI.

King George had acceded to the throne only after the unprecedented abdication of his brother King Edward VIII.

It had shaken the nation, and its impact on her father, the royal family and the kingdom is undoubtedly part of the background to Her Majesty’s unswerving devotion to her role.

Her uncle’s reign was the shortest of any British monarch. Her Majesty’s eclipsed that of her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, more than six years ago. …”

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel preached at a special service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney today on the Occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Queen Elizabeth shakes hands with Bishop Jack Dain outside St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, on 13 March 1977. Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane is at the Queen’s side, and Bishop John Reid is at centre. At right, Dean of the Cathedral, Lance Shilton, stands with Prince Philip. Photo courtesy Ramon Williams.

Moore College gives thanks for the life of Dr. B. Ward Powers

“Moore College gives thanks for the life of Dr. B. Ward Powers who died on 7th May 2022.

Dr. Powers graduated from Moore College in 1959 and joined the Moore College staff as the Secretary for External Studies in 1964. …”

– This tribute from Moore College.

Bishop Mark Calder speaks at Moore College on The Good Shepherd, John 10:1-18

Last week Bishop of Bathurst Mark Calder preached at Moore College and also shared encouraging updates from across the diocese.

Why would you move to Victoria in the middle of a pandemic?

“Why would you move to Victoria in the middle of a pandemic?

Such was the incredulity of our friends basking in the tropical delights of the Northern Territory when we announced we were pulling up stumps and heading south. Indeed, many of our new friends here have asked the same question.

To say it was an interesting start to our new ministry at Christ Church Echuca would be an understatement. …”

– On page 9 of the March 2022 issue of The Spirit monthly from the Diocese of Bendigo, Phil & Leeanne Zamagias share why they moved from Darwin to Echuca.

Astronaut Charles Duke walked on the Moon 50 years ago — He shares his story

“Astronaut Charles Duke played a crucial role in the very first the moon landing and also … 50 years ago, walked on the moon himself.”

– Eric Metaxas (author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and Martin Luther) last week interviewed Astronaut Charlie Duke, on the 50th anniversary of Charlie’s landing on the Moon on Apollo 16.

Charlie shares that walking with Jesus is better than walking on the Moon.

(Photo: Charlie Duke at Plum Crater, Saturday 22 April 1972.)

With thanksgiving for Neil Prott

Sydney Anglicans will be saddened to hear of the death of Neil Prott, yet we rejoice that he is now with Christ.

Neil was a long time member of the ACL, and a long serving member of the Moore Theological College Council.

After studying at Moore, Neil served curacies at Caringbah (1964-66) and Albion Park (1967-68) before becoming Curate in Charge of Oak Flats (1968-72), and then Rector of Kurrajong (1972-1998).

In his retirement, Neil established Country Serve, a support for ministers and churches in country NSW.

Please uphold in prayer Neil’s wife June and their family.

A thanksgiving service for Neil will be held on Monday 2nd May.

As a man thoroughly committed to the gospel, we thought it would be appropriate to republish an article Neil wrote for ACL News in 1989 – “Evangelism – A Priority in Your Parish?

Moore College Council passed this Minute of Appreciation on Neil’s retirement from Council

Neil Prott was elected to the Moore College Committee (as it was then known) in 1974 and remained a member without break until 2005.

Neil is a graduate of Moore and his first year in college in 1959 was the largest (46 students) post war first year to that time. The numbers were partly due to Archbishop Gough’s successful initiative in encouraging older laymen to undertake theological study to meet the manpower shortage in the diocese.

At school (Sydney Grammar) Neil was, by a year, a contemporary of Graeme Goldsworthy and a few years behind Bruce Smith and Roderick West. There he developed a love of rifle shooting (First Rifle Team) which continues today.

It was in the candidate selection committees where Neil gave of his best. His long practical parish experience and clear evangelical theology enabled him to ask perceptive questions and make well founded judgements. In Council meetings his verbal interventions were not frequent, but when made, reminded us not to neglect the inner life of the pastor-in-training and the practical demands of ministry in the striving for academic merit.

We will miss him on Council and pray that our God will bless Neil and his wife June as they serve our Saviour.

(with thanks to Dr Robert Tong for the text.)

Weakness is good for you – with Matt Fuller

From The Pastor’s Heart:

“Senior Minister of Christ Church Mayfair, in the centre of London, Matt Fuller describes standing up in front of his church, saying he couldn’t cope and being told by his elders that he needed to take time off.”

Watch or listen here.

The Truth of Jesus: John Anderson speaks with Phillip Jensen

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia John Anderson has interviewed many interesting people over the last few years.

With Easter upon us, he speaks with Phillip Jensen, Bible Teacher and Evangelist.

Fascinating interview. Encouraging to watch and great to share.

It’s available at – and also on YouTube where a timeline of topics discussed is posted underneath the video.

Tom Habib to join Moore College Faculty

“The Governing Board of the College has approved the Principal’s nomination of the Rev. Thomas Habib as a full-time member of the Moore College Faculty from the end of this year.

Tom is completing his PhD research and expects to submit his thesis on moral characterisation in the Gospel of John in August. …”

– The latest from Moore College.

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