What to preach on for Anzac Day?

Posted on March 25, 2021 
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David Cook writes:

“This year Anzac Day falls on a Sunday, providing an opportunity for congregations to reflect together on the sacrifice of our servicemen and servicewomen who have served our national interest in wars and peacekeeping missions since the Boer war up until our present involvement in Afghanistan.

Last week I met Wilf who enlisted in 1944 as an 18 year old and had 2 years service in the Pacific islands in WW2. Wilf’s two older brothers had also enlisted at 18 and had served in the army before him.

When I asked Wilf why he went to war, he responded, ‘We all fought for freedom, for liberty and in our case for freedom to continue to preach the gospel.’ Wilf is 95 years of age and we met after an evening service in Melbourne.

What to preach this Anzac Day?

We could preach on the theme of service, sacrifice, thanksgiving and remembrance.

But I think we best serve the spirit of the Anzac, by preaching on the freedoms for which they fought and for which so many of them died.

I intend to preach on 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. …”

Read why, and be encouraged to preach Christ this ANZAC Day.