The ACL’s Synod Podcast now online

Posted on September 6, 2023 
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Hear the ACL’s 2023 Synod Briefing Podcast.

Our 2023 Pre-Synod Briefing Podcast aims to serve members of the Sydney Synod by highlighting the likely substantive issues and main debate points.

It’s also relevant for anyone who wants to stay informed and pray for the Lord Jesus to be honoured and churches strengthened through the decisions of the Synod.

Listen here:

or right-click on this link to download your copy.


0:00 – Introduction to the Podcast
2:36 – Introduction to Synod and Order of Business
5:25 – Discussion of Elections
7:30 – M4 (Purpose and Priorities)
10:40 – M6, B5 & B6 (Money Bills)
23:00 – B8 (Ministry Standards Ordinance)
24:45 – B1-B3 (General Synod Ordinances)
27:50 – M12 (Review of Governance Policy)
32:35 – B4, M16, M17 (Pastoral Supervision)
36:38 – 13.4, 13.5, and M20 (Discussion on The Voice)

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