Southern Cross October 2021

Posted on October 1, 2021 
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The latest Southern Cross magazine (October 2021) is now available to download from

This issue includes a profile of Archdeacon for Women Kara Hartley, news on reopening, Bishop Michael Stead on “Why we must oppose assisted suicide”, and much more.

The Archbishop writes on “Safely ministering to all” –

“I was pleased to hear that the week after 80 per cent of the community have received two doses of a COVID vaccine (estimated to be by October 25), there will be no restrictions on who may attend church – while other venues, such as cinemas and gyms, will be open only to double-vaccinated people until December 1.

This reflects two important principles. The first is that church is not entertainment like the cinema or recreation like a gym, but something more essential. Church is more akin to the supermarket or the hospital in offering spiritual ‘food’ and spiritual ‘health’.

The other principle is that church, by nature, is a place from which people should not be turned away. It should be open to all.

Throughout the lockdown, I have publicly encouraged people to follow NSW Health advice about vaccination, and consult their medical advisors with any questions they may have about vaccination. As a Diocese we remain committed to ensuring that those who attend churches are kept safe in accordance with Government public health orders, and we have and will continue to comply with those orders. …”

Read it all on pages 14 and 15.