Commanding the heart: Lust

Posted on May 26, 2022 
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Marshall Ballantine-Jones and Dani Treweek spoke on “Commanding the heart: Lust” at a Centre for Christian Living event at Moore College on 4 May 2022.

“Jesus raises alarm when he warns us that adultery isn’t limited to sexual intercourse outside of marriage, but begins earlier in the lustful glance of the eye and in mental fantasies. Adultery isn’t just physical; it can be done in the heart. So great is the threat of a wandering eye or straying hand that Jesus suggests losing a part of the body instead of facing the fire of hell.

Kingdom righteousness demands more than physical abstinence from sex outside of marriage, but not less. In view of such teaching, what kind of sexual conduct is becoming of a disciple of Jesus?

Dr Marshall Ballantine-Jones and Dani Treweek help us consider how to deal with lust in our hearts.”

The video has now been made available. Very sobering and very helpful.


Adultery of the heart –