Bible colleges in the world’s poorest places

Posted on September 21, 2023 
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“Theological colleges, schools, health centres and biblical resources are the fruit of rich partnerships with Anglican dioceses around the world.

The Synod’s Mission Hour for 2023 shared stories that told of the Sydney Diocese’s service and support worldwide, particularly in areas of great gospel growth and great poverty. …

The Anglican Church of Congo runs more than 1000 churches, 700 schools and 90 health centres. A partnership began in 1992 when Sydney sent the late Peter Dawson as a missionary bishop to pioneer the Diocese of Kindu, in a remote central part of the country.”

– Tara Sing at reports on encouragement and the need which was shared at Sydney Synod.


Back in 1997, ACL News spoke with then recently-returned Bishop Peter Dawson. Amid the turmoil in the country at the time, he saw great opportunities for the gospel –

“People are hungry for biblical teaching and we have seen a new church being opened every two weeks for the last few years. New congregations, new people being converted, Bible colleges full. There is a great opportunity for someone to go out and be a lecturer in one of these new Bible colleges. Great opportunity for teaching the Bible and building up Christians.”

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