An interview with Archbishop Kanishka Raffel

Posted on May 13, 2022 
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After this week’s debate at General Synod on marriage, we asked Archbishop Kanishka Raffel about the vote and its implications.

Can you explain what you meant, when you told the Synod the refusal of the House of Bishops to pass the statement on marriage leaves the church in a perilous position?

Archbishop Raffel: What we had at the session was a clear affirmation from the majority of people in the room that they continue to hold to the biblical and historically Anglican position on marriage. The houses of Laity and Clergy expressed that very strongly and by a small margin the House of Bishops failed to do it. That leaves us in a position where it is unclear that the leadership of the church is united around a common understanding of Scripture and Anglican formularies. That’s perilous for a church. …”

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