Anglican synod angst

“Mrs Naylon was an observer at the Anglican synod … and described the processes as ‘eye-opening’.

She was impressed by ‘the very strong involvement of laity and clergy in decision-making processes’. …”

– This story from The Catholic Weekly shares a few impressions of General Synod from an outside observer, Margaret Naylon, Executive Officer for the Brisbane Roman Catholic Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-religious Relations.

Photo: David Ould.

Anglican Church is ‘heading for a division’

“The Institute for Spiritual Awareness Director Mark Durie says ‘the Anglican Church is heading for a division’.

‘It’s going to be a slow process, but you’ve got two very different world views I think that will be coming up against each other increasingly in the years ahead,’ he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.”

– Brief video clip from Sky News Australia.

A perilous moment – with Kanishka Raffel, Richard Condie and Jennifer Hercott

A special edition of The Pastor’s Heart, 15th May 2022 –

“‘A perilous moment.’  – That’s how the Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel described the situation that the Anglican Church of Australia is in – after an important vote failed to win support of the nation’s bishops at the denomination’s National Synod…

We are speaking first to the Archbishop of Sydney Kanishka Raffel and then to the Gafcon Australia Chair, Bishop Richard Condie of Tasmania and Rev Jennifer Hercott from Queensland.”

Watch or listen here.

Whither The Australian Anglican Church?

“This week the General Synod of the Australian Anglican Church has been debating what its stance is to be on human sexuality. A vote to affirm the church’s traditional position on marriage was strongly supported by clergy and laity but was narrowly rejected by the bishops.

A split is looming, but in this, Australian Anglicans are not unique.

In recent decades, Christian denominations all across the West have been dividing along progressive versus conservative lines. Anglican Churches in Scotland and New Zealand have been impacted by this trend. In North America, denominations affected by splits include the Episcopal Church, the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the American Baptist Churches USA.

The trigger in all these cases has been whether the church will endorse same-sex unions. However, the fault lines run deeper than attitudes to human sexuality. …”

Melbourne Pastor and Academic The Rev. Dr Mark Durie looks at what is happening in the Anglican Church of Australia and where it may be headed.

He argues that ‘Anglican progressives’ have misread the theological landscape.

For some very helpful context, here’s a chart of Diocesan Representation at General Synods 1962-2022. Click the image for a two-page PDF file.

Table initially complied by Robert Tong, updated by Daniel Glynn 6 May 2022.

(Fun fact: The Diocese of St. Arnaud, mentioned in the table, was in the Mallee and Wimmera regions of north-west Victoria. It merged with the Diocese of Bendigo in 1976.)

General Synod Wrap-Up – The Anglicans Who Don’t Want to be Anglican?

“Friday saw day 5 of General Synod as we wrapped things up and then made our way to the airport and began the long trip home to our various dioceses.

I’m sure each of us will have had our own thoughts as the plane lifted into the early evening sky. Is it too melodramatic to suggest that as a beautiful sunset washed across the horizon we had also witnessed the sunset of the Anglican Church of Australia?

I wouldn’t go so far myself. But one burning question would not leave me be:

Why did some Anglicans not want to be Anglican?

One debate on the last morning crystallised much of what we had experienced over the week. …”

David Ould shares his final report on General Synod 2022.

Anglican Church on brink of revolt, says Primate

“The ‘green light’ for same-sex marriages to be blessed by Anglican priests could cause boycotts of national church meetings and parishes to split, Primate Geoff Smith warned, as the fallout from this week’s General Synod showdown deepened. …”

Story by Jamie Walker in The Australian. (Subscription.)

General Synod calls on MPs to oppose euthanasia

“The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia has reaffirmed its principled opposition to euthanasia or physician assisted suicide.

The strong statement came as the NSW Parliament considers a Bill to allow for such a practice. …”

Story from Russell Powell at

(Photo: James Levingston via

An interview with Archbishop Kanishka Raffel

From –

After this week’s debate at General Synod on marriage, we asked Archbishop Kanishka Raffel about the vote and its implications.

Can you explain what you meant, when you told the Synod the refusal of the House of Bishops to pass the statement on marriage leaves the church in a perilous position?

Archbishop Raffel: What we had at the session was a clear affirmation from the majority of people in the room that they continue to hold to the biblical and historically Anglican position on marriage. The houses of Laity and Clergy expressed that very strongly and by a small margin the House of Bishops failed to do it. That leaves us in a position where it is unclear that the leadership of the church is united around a common understanding of Scripture and Anglican formularies. That’s perilous for a church. …”

Read the whole interview at this link.

See also:

The Line in the Sand: The Appellate Tribunal Opinion and the Future of the Anglican Church in Australia.

General Synod Day 4 – The People Speak. Will the Bishops Listen?

“Thursday morning arrived with one pressing question for the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia – what would be the immediate response to the rejection by a majority of the House of Bishops of basic orthodoxy on the doctrine of marriage?

The answer came at almost the very beginning of business. Following morning prayer and an excellent exposition of 1Cor. 6 synod settled down to what should have been routine administrative matters.

Should have been. Instead we got something that I understand has never happened before at a General Synod…

Now that the holy people of God have once again affirmed the faith that was once for all entrusted to their forebears so long ago will all the Bishops, as the Petition asks, affirm those same truths?

And what will happen next if they don’t?”

– David Ould reports on Day 4 – another remarkable day at General Synod.

Do read it all.

Anglican General Synod votes ‘yes’ & in so doing discredits controversial Victorian Law

“While the bishops’ decision to block the motion on marriage is grievous, other and related issues have been discussed and decided, and these have ramifications beyond what the General Synod may realise.

Two motions have been adopted by an overwhelming majority.  …

What makes these two motions interesting is that their application in the State of Victoria is illegal.”

– Murray Campbell watches the developments at General Synod from the State of Victoria.

Anglican TV Interview — David Ould on General Synod

From Anglican TV, recorded late last night:

“Kevin Kallsen and David Ould talk about the Australian General Synod and some very important votes taking place this week.”

Watch here.

Petition: Pray the House of Bishops will be clear on Christ’s teaching

“The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia has been petitioned by the majority of its delegates, expressing regret that the House of Bishops failed to clearly affirm the teaching of Christ on marriage.

The rare move follows the statement in support of Jesus’ teaching that marriage is between a man and a woman, which received majority support of clergy and laity yesterday but did not receive the support of the majority in the smaller House of Bishops. …”

From which also has the text of the Petition.

Photo by James Levingston, via SydneyAnglicans: Lay delegate Fiona McLean presenting the petition.

General Synod Day 3 – Bishops Out of Touch?

“A momentous day has closed at the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia. In a key vote to affirm a Statement on Marriage as the union of a man and a woman a majority House of Bishops showed themselves to be in a very different place to the overwhelming majority of the rest of the Synod. …”

– David Ould summarises Day 3 of General Synod.

Image: From the service of the consecration of a bishop, An Australian Prayer Book.

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