The U.S. Senate Subverts Marriage: The So-Called ‘Respect for Marriage’ Act Passes Senate Vote

Posted on December 1, 2022 
Filed under Culture wars

“Yesterday is going to be one of those days we remember in American political history because I believe it represented a major turning point. And furthermore, it was a moral disaster. Yesterday, by a vote of 61 to 36, the United States Senate voted to codify same-sex marriage.

Now, technically what it did in adopting what is mis-characterized as the Respect for Marriage Bill, the central issue there is to require states to recognize legal, same-sex marriages performed in any other state. That effectively means coast to coast legalized same-sex marriage. Now, you might say, “I thought the Supreme Court had already granted a federal right to same-sex marriage in all 50 states.” And you would be right. That would be the Obergefell decision in 2015. But nonetheless, this is political grandstanding. But it is political grandstanding of a particularly dangerous sort. …”

– In his The Briefing broadcast for 30 November 2022, Dr Albert Mohler analyses what’s just happened in the USA.