Martyn Iles, Q and A and what it tells us about Australia today

Posted on April 12, 2021 
Filed under Culture wars, Opinion

“The Sydney Morning Herald thought this week’s Q and A was a significant cultural moment – so who are we to disagree?!  They compared it with another one in 2008 where the shibboleth question for our culture, that of homosexuality, came up. It was indeed a revealing programme – telling us a great deal about where Australian culture, politics and religion are at – and where we are heading. …

It was the appearance of Martyn Iles that was too much for some people – even before he had been on the show. …”

– David Robertson writes at AP (the national Journal of the Presbyterian Church of Australia) and gives thanks for Martyn Iles.


Excerpts from the programme may be seen here. Or the whole thing on the Q and A website (9th April 2021).