Jesus’ Prayer: (1) Glorify

Posted on June 19, 2024 
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“Our prayers say a great deal about us. Are your prayers like that of AA Milne’s, Christopher Robin who, in the midst of his child-like bedtime prayers, prayed that God would bless his parents as well as himself?

Or do your prayers reflect the shape of the honest and humble yet bold petitionary prayers of people such as Moses, David and Daniel or the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples?

In John chapter 17 we read Jesus’ prayer on the eve of his arrest. It’s a prayer that tells us a great deal about him and his relationship with God the Father, his concern for his disciples, as well his concern for all his people throughout time.

Over three Wednesdays I’ll be touching on these three themes. …”

– John Mason begins a three-part reflection in his Word on Wednesday series  at The Anglican Connection.