General Synod Day 1 – A Time of Healing?

Posted on May 9, 2022 
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“General Synod 18 of the Anglican Church of Australia is now well underway with a full day of business already dealt with.

First order of business was the Presidential Address from Primate Archbishop Smith of Adelaide.

The Primate set a gentle encouraging tone as he spoke to the almost 300 delegates.

Smith suggested that the church’s mission was ‘to participate in the healing of all things – the world, its people, the planet itself’. That healing, of course, ought to apply in our own divisions.

So will we be in any way ‘healed’? It’s difficult to see how that might fully happen, particularly since the two positions on the key issue before us are genuinely polarised.

Notices of motion included 2 motions foreshadowed in today’s Australian article, ‘Anglican moderates hit back in same-sex spat’…”

– David Ould shares his reflections on the first full day of General Synod.

Please continue to pray for this gathering.


The Line in the Sand.