From my study to yours’ — Dick Lucas on Luke 14:16-24 — The great supper

Posted on August 26, 2023 
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At his kitchen table, Dick Lucas has been continuing to record reflections on Bible passages, and all are worth hearing and pondering.

“Dick Lucas was Rector of St Helen’s Church from 1961–1998. He was instrumental in the establishment and growth of St Helen’s Bible teaching ministry. Dick continues to speak at various conferences and church gatherings. He has also been at work recording new material. His ‘From my study to yours’ audio recordings are aimed at helping people study and teach the Bible.”

Recently he turned to Luke 14:16-24.

“This parable is both sobering and unsettling. It strikes a tragic note. A personal invitation to attend a great banquet is sent out to many, but all decline. Their places are taken by ‘unworthy’ substitutes. Here, Dick reflects on the work of the evangelist in the light of this tale.”

Listen here at St. Helen’s Bishopsgate. 11 minutes.