With thanksgiving for Narelle Jarrett

We are saddened to hear Archdeacon Narelle Jarrett has been called home, but we rejoice that she is now with Christ.

In 2002, announcing her appointment as Archdeacon for Women’s Ministry, then Archbishop Dr. Peter Jensen said, “Narelle is extremely well qualified for this important position, having ministered faithfully over many years, in particular as Principal of Mary Andrews College since 1985 …”.

She continued as Principal of MAC until 2007 and was Archdeacon for Women until her retirement in 2012. In this latter role, she worked hard to enhance the opportunities for women’s ministry in Sydney, and invited colleagues Jane Tooher, Sarie King, Lesley Ramsay, Jackie Stoneman and Christine Jensen to work with her.

In more recent years, Narelle has served the church at South Coogee as Honorary Assistant Minister, and has been an Archdeacon Emeritus in the diocese since 2012.


Narelle’s funeral will be at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on Friday 25th November at 11:00am – followed by a light morning tea for those who wish to stay.

Russell Powell has posted this tribute at SydneyAnglicans.net:

“Archdeacon Jarrett radiated godliness and grace,” Archbishop Kanishka Raffel said in his tribute. “With her firm and winsome stand for Biblical truth in all things, she made a significant contribution to the life of our churches and I thank God for her example in life and ministry.”

Her successor as Archdeacon for Women’s Ministry, Archdeacon Kara Hartley also paid tribute, saying “Narelle had a great passion and commitment to advancing the ministries of women in the diocese. A true servant of the gospel, as Principal of Mary Andrews College and Archdeacon for Women’s Ministry she exercised significant leadership in our diocese. I am deeply thankful to God for the impact Narelle had on me and many other women throughout our church.”

Be Inspired by Mr Eternity!

From St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney:

Written in Chalk – the echo of Arthur Stace!

On the evenings of Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November, on our doorsteps, St Andrew’s Square is hosting outdoor screenings of a fascinating documentary on the inspirational impact of the Eternity Story on Sydney’s history and culture! The documentary starts at around sunset, 7:30pm, and runs for about 70 minutes.

It occurs at the 90th anniversary of Arthur Stace first writing ‘Eternity’ on Sydney’s streets (14 November 1932)!

All welcome for a unique experience. View the trailer here.”

Whatever line the film takes on the legacy of Arthur Stace, you can learn about the man and his story –

Making your life count for eternity.

The Eternity waterfall after 40 years – 12 July 2017.

Arthur Stace in his own words.

The Class of Chappo — A night to mark the 10th anniversary of Chappo’s departure to be with Christ

Tuesday 22 November 2022. 7:30pm

A night to mark the 10th anniversary of Chappo’s departure to be with Christ.

The evening will include:

Details and booking from Moore College.

Illustration from a Department of Evangelism videocassette cover, 1986.

Reformation Sunday & Slogans

“Friends in Christ, this Sunday we celebrate Reformation Sunday (including Bach’s cantata 79, written for the occasion, as part of the 10:30am service).

The Reformation began as a series of protests (hence ‘Protestant’) against abuses of the mediaeval Roman Catholic Church, perhaps most notably the sale of indulgences. By the way, in this context, an indulgence is not something to do with giving into luxury, one too many chocolates or wines. Nor is it the collective noun for grandparents, as in an ‘indulgence of grandparents’!

The word had and still has a special meaning for Roman Catholics. That Church taught that God forgives believers the eternal punishment for our sins. But we must also purify ourselves from the ‘temporal punishment’ due to every sin, either in this life, or after death in Purgatory. Purification takes place through prayer, acts of charity, patiently bearing suffering, and so on – or via gaining an indulgence. …”

– At the Cathedral website, Dean of Sydney Sandy Grant explains why Reformation Sunday is worth celebrating.

The Plateau Problem and a deeper issue

“It’s a moment of honesty for Sydney Christians as we face up to an ‘elephant in the room.’  Despite rises in giving, clergy numbers and population the number of Christians in Sydney Anglican Churches is in plateau or decline. …”

Dominic Steele speaks with Dr Raj Gupta. Plenty to think about and to pray about.

Watch or listen at The Pastor’s Heart.

Reconciliation and the Rugged Cross

“The Sydney leg of a whistlestop tour of Australia by the Archbishop of Canterbury began with a meeting with Indigenous leaders around a campfire in the centre of Glebe. …”

– Russell Powell at SydheyAnglicans.net has this report on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit to Sydney this week.

Societas 2022 from Moore College now available

The 2022 edition of Societas, the Moore College students’ magazine, is now available, including in electronic format for download.

It’s a great way to learn about – and to be informed to pray for – the students and faculty of Moore College.

The past, present and future — Southern Cross October-November 2022

From Russell Powell at Anglican Media Sydney:

“Southern Cross should be in your churches by this weekend [or next], seeking to encourage Sydney Anglicans about the past, present, and future.

The past is the great impact of John Chapman, through a new book on his ministry and influence from Dr Baden Stace.

The present includes stories on what happened at Synod and the new Album by Sydney’s own City Alight, with great new music for our churches.

The future is the new ministry areas in the Greenfields (as well as the changing face of Brownfields).”

You can download your PDF copy now at magazine.sydneyanglicans.net.

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s sermon at the Provincial Memorial Service

SydneyAnglicans.net has published Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s sermon at the Provincial Memorial Service at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on Wednesday (21 September 2022).

“On the day the news broke of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I was surprised but not alone in finding myself overcome with emotion. Prime Ministers and policemen and countless visitors to this cathedral, throughout the day and days since, were in tears. Perhaps it was that we did not know how much we loved her. Grief is the price we pay for love, the late Queen once said. …”

Full text here.

The service can be seen here, and the Order of Service can also be downloaded.

Thanks to Anglican Media Sydney for the image.

Provincial Memorial Service from St. Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney

The Provincial Memorial Service for Queen Elizabeth II is taking place at 11:00am today (Wednesday 21 September 2022) at St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney.

The service can be seen here, and the Order of Service can also be downloaded.

Official Cathedral Services to mourn Queen Elizabeth II

St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney has published details of official services to mourn Queen Elizabeth II.

Update: See also

The funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – SydneyAnglicans.net

The post includes some prayers you could use this week. (PDF)

We see the crowds

“Representatives of Sydney’s Anglican churches sitting in the church’s parliament have endorsed a three-way approach to an urgent need for ministry in new areas of Sydney.

Following a challenge from Archbishop Kanishka Raffel in his Presidential Address to ‘see the crowds’ of people moving to greenfields areas of southwestern and northwestern Sydney, Synod voted to continue contributing two per cent of parish receipts to a land fund for another 10 years. …”

– Read Russell Powell’s report from Synod at SydneyAnglicans.net, and watch the encouraging 3 minute video – ideal for showing in church!

Link to download.

The cracks widen in the Australian Anglican Church

“Archbishop Raffel’s ‘Do you see the crowds’ address at Oran Park was mission driven and gospel focused, particularly asking how to reach the new housing estates where 30 new churches are needed to reach the hundreds of thousands of people who are moving into the Greenfields areas to the west of Sydney.

There was no mention of Brisbane.

It was a stunning contrast to South East Queensland Archbishop’s Phillip Aspinall’s hand grenade presentation, attacking evangelicals and Sydney Anglicans, which has so far led to the resignations of two of his ministers and the splitting of two Brisbane congregations.

The second minister to resign in Brisbane is Peter Judge Mears. …”

At The Pastor’s Heart, Dominic Steele highlights Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s Synod Presidential Address on Saturday. He also speaks with Peter Judge-Mears who has just announced his resignation from the Diocese of Brisbane.


Archbishop Aspinall’s 2022 Presidential Address here (PDF file).

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s Presidential Address to the Synod in the Greenfields

Yesterday (Saturday 10 September 2022) the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney met at Oran Park in South West Sydney.

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel gave his first Presidential Address – a strong, encouraging and stirring call to obey the Lord Jesus and to love our neighbours.

He said, “Do you see the crowds? Crowds of people who will come to Sydney. People who will move into greenfields areas. Crowds of young people, hungry for love.”

Please do take the time to watch and think and pray and act.

And here is a report from Russell Powell at SydneyAnglicans.net –

Do you see the crowds?

“In his first Presidential address to Synod, Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has made a stirring and emotional appeal for visionary planning in the greenfields areas of Greater Sydney.

For the first time in more than a century, the Synod address was given away from inner Sydney at Oran Park Anglican College in the town centre of Oran Park in the Southwest. This week, the Synod will consider a proposal to extend the contribution parishes make to funding land purchases in new areas, for a further ten years. …”

A message from the Archbishop on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has released this sixty second video message to churches on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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