We see the crowds

“Representatives of Sydney’s Anglican churches sitting in the church’s parliament have endorsed a three-way approach to an urgent need for ministry in new areas of Sydney.

Following a challenge from Archbishop Kanishka Raffel in his Presidential Address to ‘see the crowds’ of people moving to greenfields areas of southwestern and northwestern Sydney, Synod voted to continue contributing two per cent of parish receipts to a land fund for another 10 years. …”

– Read Russell Powell’s report from Synod at SydneyAnglicans.net, and watch the encouraging 3 minute video – ideal for showing in church!

Link to download.

The cracks widen in the Australian Anglican Church

“Archbishop Raffel’s ‘Do you see the crowds’ address at Oran Park was mission driven and gospel focused, particularly asking how to reach the new housing estates where 30 new churches are needed to reach the hundreds of thousands of people who are moving into the Greenfields areas to the west of Sydney.

There was no mention of Brisbane.

It was a stunning contrast to South East Queensland Archbishop’s Phillip Aspinall’s hand grenade presentation, attacking evangelicals and Sydney Anglicans, which has so far led to the resignations of two of his ministers and the splitting of two Brisbane congregations.

The second minister to resign in Brisbane is Peter Judge Mears. …”

At The Pastor’s Heart, Dominic Steele highlights Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s Synod Presidential Address on Saturday. He also speaks with Peter Judge-Mears who has just announced his resignation from the Diocese of Brisbane.


Archbishop Aspinall’s 2022 Presidential Address here (PDF file).

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s Presidential Address to the Synod in the Greenfields

Yesterday (Saturday 10 September 2022) the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney met at Oran Park in South West Sydney.

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel gave his first Presidential Address – a strong, encouraging and stirring call to obey the Lord Jesus and to love our neighbours.

He said, “Do you see the crowds? Crowds of people who will come to Sydney. People who will move into greenfields areas. Crowds of young people, hungry for love.”

Please do take the time to watch and think and pray and act.

And here is a report from Russell Powell at SydneyAnglicans.net –

Do you see the crowds?

“In his first Presidential address to Synod, Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has made a stirring and emotional appeal for visionary planning in the greenfields areas of Greater Sydney.

For the first time in more than a century, the Synod address was given away from inner Sydney at Oran Park Anglican College in the town centre of Oran Park in the Southwest. This week, the Synod will consider a proposal to extend the contribution parishes make to funding land purchases in new areas, for a further ten years. …”

A message from the Archbishop on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has released this sixty second video message to churches on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II — A model of compassion, faith and selflessness

Statement from the Archbishop of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel, on the Death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is a profound sadness, the depth of which is difficult to express.

Anglicans in NSW join with all Australians in mourning her passing. For most people, her reign and her godly example is all we have known.

We have delighted in her visits to this nation and to our churches. She has been for many a tower of strength in times of adversity, and a model of compassion, faith and selflessness in the service of humanity.

But we do not grieve as those without hope (1 Thess 4:13). We give heartfelt thanks to God for her long reign marked by dignity, grace and unstinting humble service motivated by enduring Christian faith.

We offer our condolences and prayers for the Royal Family.

Details of services of commemoration will be made in accordance with requests from Buckingham Palace in due course. Flowers may be left in tribute at the George St door of St Andrew’s Cathedral.  A condolence book will be available at the Cathedral.

– Source: SydneyAnglicnas.net.

Also from SydneyAnglicans.net:

We will pause to offer prayers at noon today, Friday 9th September, and there will be a special Service of Choral Evensong at St Andrew’s Cathedral, this evening at 5:15pm which will include prayers for the Royal Family.


June 5, 2022 – A celebration of uncommon leadership  — Archbishop Kanishka Raffel’s sermon for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Sydney’s One Special Evangelist John Chapman — The Pastor’s Heart

Prior to the launch of Baden Stace’s book, “Sydney’s One Special Evangelist: John C. Chapman and the Shaping of Anglican Evangelicalism and Australian Religious Life 1968-2001”, Dominic Steele speaks with Baden about Chappo.

“Baden’s new work showcases the impact of John Chapman, but also gives a window into issues facing evangelicals in Sydney in the later part of the twentieth century, controversies about preaching, the place of evangelism in church life, social justice, and what role each of us plays in the evangelistic process.”

Most encouraging and informative. A ‘must watch’ episode.


Invitation to the book launch on 14 September 2022.

Order the book.

Chappo: “Do you really believe the gospel can convert your friends?”

Synod Briefing Podcast

Hear this year’s ACL Synod Briefing Podcast.

ACL’s President Roger Cunningham, the ACL’s Chairman Robert Tong, as well as Nicola Warwick-Mayo and Phil Colgan guide us through some of the key issues coming up at Sydney Synod this month.

Anglican Aid launches Emergency Flood Relief for Pakistan

From Anglican Aid in Sydney:

“Anglican Aid is working with local partners to provide relief to the people of Pakistan, as floods devastate the nation. Christians on the ground report that hundreds of people have been forced to set up temporary camps on roads and highways, which are typically raised off the ground. The price of tarps has skyrocketed. Anglican Aid is working with our existing long-term partners in the region, including One2Another in Multan, and the Diocese of Hyderabad, to provide much needed relief. 

For more information, or to give, go to anglicanaid.org.au/pakistan-flood-relief.”

Sydney’s One Special Evangelist — Book launch Wednesday 14 September 2022

The Australian College of Theology invites you to a Book Launch for our newest book in the ACT Monograph Series, Sydney’s One Special Evangelist: John C. Chapman and the Shaping of Anglican Evangelicalism and Australian Religious Life 1968-2001, by the Rev Dr Baden Stace.

When and Where:

Wednesday 14 September 2022. Start: 1:00 for 1:15 pm End: 2:15 pm Read more

A Pastoral Letter from the Archbishop of Sydney — 25 August 2022

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has today issued this Pastoral Letter (PDF file) with the full text of last week’s statement about the establishment of the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Archbishop of Sydney: We have no intention of leaving the Anglican Church of Australia

The Archbishop of Sydney, Kanishka Raffel, released this statement a few days ago –

“The Diocese of Sydney is an integral part of the Anglican Church of Australia and we have no intention of leaving.

Parishes, schools and organisations in the Diocese of Sydney are not affected by this development and there will be no change to our structures. We are committed to the reform of the Anglican Church of Australia from within our existing ecclesial structures including the General Synod.

The Diocese of the Southern Cross has been established for those elsewhere who have left their diocese because they cannot in good conscience accept the authority of those who have departed from the teaching of Christ.

It is a sadness that this new Diocese has become necessary but I extend the hand of fellowship to the Diocese of the Southern Cross and may God bless Bishop Davies and his work.

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel

18 August 2022.”

– Source: SydneyAnglicans.net

Join us for the 2022 ACL Synod Dinner

The ACL’s 2022 Synod Dinner will be held on Monday 12th September. All Synod members and ACL members are invited. Newly commissioned Bishop of the Diocese of the Southern Cross, Dr Glenn Davies, is speaking.

Update: Booking have closed.

Please pray for Synod in the Greenfields

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel has recorded this brief message of encouragement.

He speaks about the September Synod which begins in the growing areas of Sydney’s West and South West.

Southern Cross August-September 2022 issue now out

Southern Cross magazine for August-September 2022 is now available from Anglican Media Sydney, and printed copies will soon be in churches across Sydney Diocese.

You can download an electronic copy here.

Australia Remains Open to Christianity — Archbishop Kanishka Raffel

“What shall we make of the Census finding that 44% of Australians identify as ‘Christian’, with as many as 39% describing themselves as having no religion?

It is the first time in Census history that fewer than 50% of Australians align with a Christian denomination. What does it mean for Sydney Anglicans as we seek to commend the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to our friends and neighbours? …”

– Archbishop Kanishka writes to encourage you to keep on sharing the saving news of Jesus.

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