North West Network September 2023

The September 2023 edition of North West Network has been published by the Diocese of Northwest Australia.

Download your copy to be informed and encouraged to pray for gospel ministry in our largest (by area!) diocese.

Talks from the Bathurst Diocesan Camp 2023

The Bathurst Diocesan Camp was held at Burrendong Dam over the weekend.

Ian Powell from St. Matthew’s Wanniassa in Canberra spoke on the Book of Jonah. Very challenging and helpful talks.

Talk 1, Talk 2, Talk 3, Talk 4.

Darwin Cathedral Evening Service turns One

A new issue of Top Centre (23.2) from the Diocese of the Northern Territory is now out and available for download.

Lots of encouragement and plenty to pray about – including a report on the first anniversary of the new evening service at Christ Church Cathedral in Darwin (pictured).

“Christ Church Cathedral celebrated the first anniversary of its 5.30pm evening service on June 4 with about 50 people in the congregation including a newborn baby.

This compared with a mere ten people at its first service a year ago.

Reflecting on the growth of this church plant, founding leader Ben Staunton said as much as he was encouraged by the growth in numbers, what was more remarkable was the community that had been built, with members regularly meeting socially and helping each other in their daily lives. …”

Download your copy from this page.

Spate of scam texts from ‘vicars’ at Melbourne churches

“Parishioners have received scam text messages claiming to be from their vicar at several Melbourne churches during the past week.

The texts named the vicar of the relevant church, and several asked the recipient to transfer money to an account for ‘mission giving’.  …”

– Report and image from The Melbourne Anglican.

God gives the growth, but we must sow the seed – Matthew 13:1–23 – Bishop Richard Condie

Bishop of Tasmania Richard Condie speaks at Moore College chapel on the Parable of the Sower.

Great encouragement to 1. preach Christ, and 2. pray for the churches of Tasmania as they hold out the Word of Life.

Bishop of Bathurst’s Newsletter — August 2023

The Bishop of Bathurst’s Newsletter — Winter edition, August 2023 — has been published by Bishop Mark Calder.

Be sure to download your copy to help you pray for the ministry of the gospel of the Lord Jesus in Central and Western NSW. (There is also information on how to support the work financially, if you are able.)

From the newsletter –

Pray for all our stipendiary clergy

– that they would be refreshed, sustained and encouraged in their work – Andy Martin, Andrew Thornhill, Bec Choi, Ben Connelly, Ben Mackay, Brett Watterson, Carl Palmer, David Blackmore, James Boardman, James Daymond, James Hodson, Jonny Lush, Jono Williams, Phil Howes, Bob Cameron, Roger Phelps, Sally Phelps, Steven Klouth, Tim Smith and Wally Cox. Pray also for our many other clergy who serve and help so wonderfully!

Pray too for our stipendiary lay ministers: Lizzie Watterson, Levi Kowalczyk and Jo Watts + Glenn and Wendy Murray.

Parishes without clergy – Dubbo, Cudgegong Valley, Kelso, Narromine, Gilgandra, Coolah-Dunedoo, Condobolin, Trundle, Coonamble, Warren, Bourke-Brewarrina, Cumnock and Warren. Please pray that the Lord would raise up 13 godly, able and passionate people to serve in ALL of these parishes, to his great glory! And please thank the Lord for all who serve these parishes in the meantime – both lay and ordained.”

PDF file here.

Various clergy opportunities in central and western NSW highlights these opportunities for gospel work in central and western NSW –

“In central and western NSW, we find ourselves with a bountiful harvest but too few labourers.

Of our 28 parishes, 13 are in need of clergy – not so much to ‘run a church’, but to serve as loving shepherds to our people; to share the love of Jesus, open his Word, and provide guidance, nourishment, and protection. …”

See the communities where there are specific needs.

This major regional city needs a new minister

As the Bathurst Diocese Facebook page says,

“This major regional city needs a new minister. Read with encouragement who they are looking for. Please join them in prayer.

Maybe you’re the answer to their prayer. Seek a preliminary, confidential chat with our bishop – Mark Calder.”

See the details at the jobs vacancy page.

Bathurst Ordinations Saturday 22 July

Today (Saturday 22 July 2023), Jonny Lush, Tim Smith and James Boardman will be ordained at Bathurst Cathedral. Do pray for them.

The service will be steamed live from 10:50am.

Photo via the Bathurst Diocese Facebook page.

“John Chapman led a diocese to go evangelical, and outrage lingers still”

John Chapman early 1960s Armidale. Scan C Mackellar.

“The Anglicans of Armidale elected an evangelical bishop in 1964, a move led by John Chapman, best known as Sydney Anglican’s evangelist.

The Professor of History at the University of New England, Thomas Fudge, gave a public lecture on the evangelical takeover of the diocese – making his disapproval plain by wearing a Cope, an ecclesiastical garment disapproved of by many evangelicals. …”

– John Sandeman reports on unhappiness which still lingers.

It’s true that not everyone loved John Chapman, but many many thousands did, and praise God for him and his clear preaching of Christ.


Chappo’s contribution to the Anglican Diocese of Armidale – Tim Stevens.

“Through God working through the diligence of a humble Christian man called John Chapman, many people in the Diocese of Armidale came to know the Lord.”

Phillip Jensen on Chappo, March 2013. – The Briefing, Matthias Media.

The preaching of John Chapman – Simon Manchester, The Briefing.

John Chapman – a personal reflection from Mark Thompson.

John Charles Chapman (Chappo) – by David Cook.

Dick Lucas gives thanks for Chappo.

In the 1990s, John Chapman wrote this about the need for groups like the Anglican Church League:

“It has been interesting to me to see how the churches in the New Testament, who were founded by the apostles, so soon fell into such error that the apostles say that they have lost the gospel itself (see 2 Corinthians 11:4).

There is in the Pastoral epistles a strong call to guard and preserve the gospel. The ACL was founded and exists to do that. The way they seek to do it is to help us by finding people who are committed to this cause who will serve us on the committees and boards of the various agencies of this vast Diocese.

I have been a member of ACL for more than 30 years and commend its activities.”

Photo: Chappo, probably when he was Armidale Youth Director – apparently taken during a mission at the University of New England, early 1960s.

Why I left the Brisbane Anglicans to join the Diocese of the Southern Cross

“My big story started in 2013. I was in Nairobi at Gafcon, and Mike Ovey [the late principal of London’s Oak Hull College] Mike spoke on Ephesians chapter five.

[The passage says] that there were those who would deceive us into thinking that the wrath of God is not coming because of, as Paul puts these things, the extent of their immorality. And the encouragement of the Apostle Paul, ‘Do not become partners with them’.

And that started me thinking, well, here I am in the Brisbane diocese; what does it mean to be partners? What does that mean in terms of my relationship with the diocese? …”

– At Anglican Ink, John Sandeman has Peter Judge-Mears’ story.

And a good reminder to be in prayer for the members of Southside Anglican, St John’s Wishart, and others seeking to honour Christ in their respective situations.

Photo: Peter Judge-Mears announces he is leaving St Johns, Wishart, September 2022.


Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Locums in Bathurst Diocese

From the Diocese of Bathurst Facebook page:

“Clergy recently retired? Great opportunities to be a blessing to parishes who haven’t had an ordained minister for years! Like the Rev’d Ross (with Mrs Alison) Hathway, locum out at Trundle parish for three months. We are so thankful for them!”

Pray for workers for the harvest in Bathurst Diocese

From the Diocese of Bathurst Facebook page:

“Our recruit pathways taskforce met tonight to plan and pray and strategise about how to effectively put before Bible college students and those already out in ministry, the great challenges and the joy-filled opportunities of ministry in central and western NSW.

Please pray to the Lord for the harvest… 12/28 parishes need clergy.”

Bishop of Bathurst’s newsletter — Pentecost 2023 edition

Here’s the latest Bathurst Diocese newsletter from Bishop Mark Calder — for your encouragement and to inform your prayers.

Download the PDF file here.

Bishop Mark Calder profile — Sight magazine

“Anglican Bishop Mark Calder has long enjoyed driving. Whether it’s travelling to a conference or visiting a parish, he’d much rather make it a road trip than arrive via airplane. So when he was invited to lead the Diocese of Bathurst, the amount of travel it would require didn’t bother him. He started his role three and half years ago with a new car and has since clocked 135,000 kilometres. Just since January of this year, he’s done 15,000 kilometres for church-related trips, each one giving him more of vision for leadership and for the issues the people across the rural diocese face.

Sight caught up with him when he was actually in his office for our inaugural Q&A…”

Sight magazine, “an editorially independent, Australian-based website covering local and global news and issues from a Christian perspective”, has published this Q & A with Bishop Mark Calder.

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