Locums in Bathurst Diocese

From the Diocese of Bathurst Facebook page:

“Clergy recently retired? Great opportunities to be a blessing to parishes who haven’t had an ordained minister for years! Like the Rev’d Ross (with Mrs Alison) Hathway, locum out at Trundle parish for three months. We are so thankful for them!”

Pray for workers for the harvest in Bathurst Diocese

From the Diocese of Bathurst Facebook page:

“Our recruit pathways taskforce met tonight to plan and pray and strategise about how to effectively put before Bible college students and those already out in ministry, the great challenges and the joy-filled opportunities of ministry in central and western NSW.

Please pray to the Lord for the harvest… 12/28 parishes need clergy.”

Bishop of Bathurst’s newsletter — Pentecost 2023 edition

Here’s the latest Bathurst Diocese newsletter from Bishop Mark Calder — for your encouragement and to inform your prayers.

Download the PDF file here.

Bishop Mark Calder profile — Sight magazine

“Anglican Bishop Mark Calder has long enjoyed driving. Whether it’s travelling to a conference or visiting a parish, he’d much rather make it a road trip than arrive via airplane. So when he was invited to lead the Diocese of Bathurst, the amount of travel it would require didn’t bother him. He started his role three and half years ago with a new car and has since clocked 135,000 kilometres. Just since January of this year, he’s done 15,000 kilometres for church-related trips, each one giving him more of vision for leadership and for the issues the people across the rural diocese face.

Sight caught up with him when he was actually in his office for our inaugural Q&A…”

Sight magazine, “an editorially independent, Australian-based website covering local and global news and issues from a Christian perspective”, has published this Q & A with Bishop Mark Calder.

Has there ever been a month like this for BCA? Five Field Staff commissioned in six weeks!

BCA’s NSW/ACT Regional Officer Paul Sampson writes,

“Our good God has heard and answered your prayers. What a joy to attend the commissioning of not one but five Field Staff in five different locations in just six Saturdays during late January, February and March 2023. Each of these ministries is a testament to the graciousness of our God and the faithfulness of BCA supporters who have prayed diligently for many years and generously provided financial support for these ministries. …”

In his The Narrow Road newsletter for May 2023, Paul shares news of commissionings at

as well as other encouragements.

Download the PDF file here. (Link via the Bush Church Aid Society Facebook page.)

New life to rural church communities

This report from the ABC highlights various ministries, including Anglican, in central and western NSW.

“The town of Cobar in western NSW now has a minister for the first time in two decades, after getting support from the Bush Church Aid Society.”

Photo: Diocese of Bathurst.

May 2023 edition of the North West Network

The May 2023 edition of the North West Network is now available for you to download.

It’s a great way to be encouraged to pray for the people and churches of North West Australia.

Top Centre magazine 23.1 from the Diocese of the Northern Territory

The latest issue of Top Centre magazine (23.1) from the Diocese of the Northern Territory is available on their website.

A great reminder to continue to pray for the ministry of the gospel in the Top End and Centre.

Family, Being and Home

“Many people have expressed much care and concern for Elizabeth and myself knowing we have left many close family and friends on the other side of the country to come and live and serve in the North West. …”

– Recently-installed Bishop of North West Australia Darrell Parker writes of being ‘home’.

Michael Calder commissioned at St John’s Wishart

The Rev Michael Calder was yesterday commissioned as priest-in-charge at St John’s Wishart in the Diocese of Brisbane.

Michael had been serving as Assistant at St Bart’s Toowoomba.

Do pray for Michael and his wife Rachel and the St John’s congregation, as well as for Peter Judge-Mears and his family and others who formed Southside Anglican in Brisbane late last year. Pray that both churches might be used by the Lord to bring eternal blessing to the people of Brisbane.

Photos on the Bathurst Diocese Facebook page.

Canowindra partnership opportunity

From the Diocese of Bathurst Facebook page.

“To minister full-time, some of our ministers rely on the generosity of others.

At the moment, Jono Williams in Canowindra, would so appreciate your support. The parish can only afford 3 days a week stipend. Jono is working full time.

Click this link (not the photo), hit ‘Give’ and then find Jono from the drop down menu to give regularly (or a one-off).”

A matter for prayer – and perhaps for action.

Click the image for a larger version.

Bishop of Bathurst’s newsletter – Lent edition 2023

Bishop of Bathurst Mark Calder has published his Lent newsletter – a great way to be informed and to remember to pray for the people and churches of that diocese.

Download here as a PDF file – or on the Bathurst Facebook page.

Ordinations in Armidale — February 2023

From The Diocese of Armidale:

“Some good news for your encouragement.

On Saturday 18th February, ordinations were held at St Peter’s Cathedral, Armidale. Matthew Hearne, Angus Martin and Jeremy Lin were made Deacons; Matthew Stones, David Thompson and Philip van’t Spyker were made Presbyters.

This is the largest group ordained for some years and is a wonderful blessing for our Diocese. It was also great to see so many clergy and lay people from around our Diocese come to support and encourage the six men.

Give thanks to God for those he has called to be shepherds of His church and that the clergy team in our Diocese is growing. Pray also for the ministry of each of the men who were ordained.”

(Click the image for a larger version.)

New start at Cobar — Commissioning Saturday morning 11:00am

James Daymond will be commissioned to minister in Cobar on Saturday 18th February 2023 at 11:00am.

It’s been more than 20 years since there was a resident Anglican minister in Cobar. (According to the diocesan Facebook page, James’ great uncle was once the minister there.)

Please pray for James and Brittany Daymond and for the church in Cobar, that this will be for the eternal good of many people, and for the glory of Christ.

Here James and Brittany are pictured with Dr Warwick Baines, business manager and registrar of the Diocese of Bathurst.

You can watch the livestream here.

Darrell Parker to be installed as Bishop of North West Australia — Wednesday 9.00pm AEDT

Darrell Parker will be installed as the Bishop of the Diocese of North West Australia at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Geraldton tonight, Wednesday 15th February, at 6:00pm AWST (9:00pm AEDT).

We understand the service will be live-streamed – available via the Geraldton Cathedral website or on the Cathedral Youtube channel.

Photo: Darrell and Elizabeth Parker.

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