Family Bible Reading – Interview with the Windsors

The Australian Church Record asks Bronwyn and Lionel Windsor about their family, prayer, and reading the Bible.

“To begin with, we read a children’s Bible with our baby daughter before bedtime, even though ‘reading’ meant she only wanted to find all the pages with pictures of camels.”

Encouragement for families in all stages of life.

New 9Marks Journal – The Pastor and Church Administration

Here’s the latest issue of 9Marks Journal with a topic that’s close to most pastors!

Persistent Prayer

“Prayer is a very special privilege for the people of God. Why don’t we pray more consistently than we do?

Come with me to the parable in Luke chapter 18, verses 1 through 9. It is about a powerful judge and a powerless widow. …”

– In his Word on Wednesday at Anglican Connection, John Mason writes to encourage us to pray.

David Cook — Letters to the Editor

“I am a mostly frustrated letter writer to the Editor of the Australian newspaper, about 1 in 5 of my letters get published and then sometimes, with unacceptable editing!

Recently I wrote a letter in response to a column by Tony Abbott in which the former PM quoted Margaret Thatcher as saying that, ‘reality will always trump ideology’.

Abbott’s 3 examples of ideology were the virus hysteria, the emissions obsession and cultural self loathing …”

– At The Expository Preaching Trust, David Cook reminds us how the Scriptures bring us back to reality.

Essendon-Thorburn: How to join the conversation

“What happens when a Christian’s values clash with workplace values? Andrew Thorburn decided to resign from his new job at a football club one day after starting work.

Kamal Weerakoon, a GS&C committee member, takes up the issue, provides the facts behind the Essendon Football Club-Andrew Thorburn imbroglio and offers some helpful conversation primers for you to consider.”

– Some helpful tips from the Presbyterian Church’s Gospel, Society and Culture Committee.

Photo; Christ College Sydney.

‘Don’t be selfish. That’s the secret to being a husband’ — Al Stewart on The Pastor’s Heart

From The Pastor’s Heart:

“Marriage is a great opportunity for selfishness. But Al [Stewart] challenges husbands and fathers to use power for the good of others, especially our wives and children.”

Watch or listen here.

The past, present and future — Southern Cross October-November 2022

From Russell Powell at Anglican Media Sydney:

“Southern Cross should be in your churches by this weekend [or next], seeking to encourage Sydney Anglicans about the past, present, and future.

The past is the great impact of John Chapman, through a new book on his ministry and influence from Dr Baden Stace.

The present includes stories on what happened at Synod and the new Album by Sydney’s own City Alight, with great new music for our churches.

The future is the new ministry areas in the Greenfields (as well as the changing face of Brownfields).”

You can download your PDF copy now at

Healing Australia’s gambling disease

From The Pastor’s Heart:

“Australia has the world’s worst rate of gambling losses per capita, being home to less than half a percent of the world’s population but with 20 percent of its pokies.

And Sydney and NSW are worst of all, with about double (or worse) the rate of poker machine losses compared to every other Australian state and territory.

About 40% of all pokies losses come from problem gamblers.

Anglican Dean of Sydney Sandy Grant and Wesley Mission’s Stuart Cameron are asking both sides of politics to come together to address the crisis.”

Watch or listen here.


Stu Cameron and Sandy Grant – with thanks to where you can read this article on the topic. also has a copy of the letter sent to Dominic Perrottet, MP, Premier of NSW and The Hon. Chris Minns, MP, Leader of the Opposition. (PDF)

Raising Your Family In The Bible

“I remember that when we had our first child, having a Christian home was what I really wanted. My parents sent me to Sunday School but they never went themselves so what to do was all new to me. But where do you start and how do you start?…”

– At Equal But Different, Christine Jensen has some encouragement for Christian parents.

St. John’s Parramatta Service for Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth II

From St. John’s Cathedral, Parramatta:

“Join us in the Cathedral on Thursday 22 September, 11am, for a thanksgiving service, remembering the life of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The service will be livestreamed on our YouTube channel.”

Deconstructing the Queen’s Funeral — The Pastor’s Heart

From The Pastor’s Heart:

“What can we learn about funerals today from the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, which was watched by around four billion people across the world yesterday.

What worked and didn’t work with the Queen’s funeral? Is there anything our guests would have done differently?

David Peterson is the former Principal of Oak Hill Theological College in London and is now lecturing as an adjunct faculty member at Sydney’s Moore Theological College.

Rachel Ciano lecturers in Christian History at Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

Chris Braga is Senior Pastor of Grace West Anglican Church at Glenmore Park in Sydney’s West.”

Watch or listen hear.


The Queen’s Funeral Sermon: some early thoughts – Andrew Roycroft (via Tim Challies)

The Meaning of Funerals and the Making of History: The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and History on Both Sides of the Atlantic – Albert Mohler, The Briefing, 20 September 2022.

Halloween resource from Matthias Media

Do you have lots of families in your street going door-to-door at Halloween?

This new tract from Matthias Media might be something you could use!

It’s Halloween! is a very short tract written in language a child can both understand and delight in.

The tract engages them as they dress up for Halloween and explains the difference between dressing up and the actual horrible things that happen in the world.

With the explanation in place, the contrast is drawn between a mixed world going its own way and a world loved and cared for by God through his Son, Jesus. The tract links to the online version of Who Will Be King.

This leaflet is perfect to give out with lollies and treats to children over Halloween, either to trick or treaters door knocking or at a church event. It assumes no familiarity with Christianity or Jesus, and is suggested for children aged 6-12. ”

Order of Service for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Westminster Abbey has posted online the Order of Service for the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Do pray for all who speak, in particular, the Archbishop of Canterbury as he preaches.

Pray for the members of the royal family, everyone in attendance, and the millions listening and watching around the world, that God’s word, read in the service, will accomplish that which he purposes (Isaiah 55:10-11).

1.3MB PDF file.

BBC-TV live broadcast here.


See also the Order of Service for the Committal at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

In The Valley (Bless the Lord) — new song from CityAlight

CityAlight has released a new song, In The Valley (Bless the Lord), featuring Nashville-based singer-songwriter Sandra McCracken.

The song was written to accompany the release of a new book by Tim Challies, Seasons of Sorrow, written after the unexpected death of Challies’ 20 year old son Nick in late 2020.

Two Ways Ministries Forum on The Necessity of the Resurrection

“In light of the National Day of Mourning next Thursday we will be holding a special Forum on The Necessity of the Resurrection.”

Phillip Jensen writes:

“You may not have been to Forums for a while or you may not be able to get to Forums on a normal Thursday evening but do join us next week, Thursday 22nd September.

The time, location and arrangements will stay the same:
7 pm till 9 pm, Marcus Loane Hall, Moore College.

If you would like to bring your own food to eat dinner beforehand, please join us in the Knox Common Room which will be open with tea and coffee from 6pm and for supper after the Forum.

I hope to see you there, as our nation mourns the death of the Queen of Australia, we consider the resurrection of the King of Heaven.”

Photos: Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, 2006.

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