Anglican Unscripted 755 – A New Diocese

Posted on August 18, 2022 
Filed under Anglican Church of Australia, GAFCON Australia

In the very latest Anglican Unscripted video, David Ould speaks with GAFCON Australia Chairman Bishop Richard Condie and Dr Glenn Davies, today (Thursday 18 August) to be commissioned as the first Bishop of the new Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Bishop Davies:

“So this diocese is like a lifeboat – a safe refuge a safe haven – for people who want to remain Anglican but not under the current Anglican structure in the Anglican Church of Australia.

I love the Anglican Church of Australia. I’ve been a member of that all my life. But to see it in this disarray is very sad.

So, it’s not a triumphalist feeling I have with regard to this. Rather, it is a sense of sadness – but joy for those who want to remain Anglican – that I may, with the gifts that God’s given me, maintain that relationship for these congregations.”

He also asks us to pray that the evil one will be restrained.

“But let our focus be on spreading the good news of the gospel to all Australia. That’s what we’re all about. We want to be faithful disciples of Jesus and proclaim Christ faithfully to our nation.”

Watch it all. 9 minutes.