God’s Plan for Corporate Worship – podcast

Posted on March 16, 2021 
Filed under Encouragement, Theology

From Crossway’s podcast series:

“In this episode, Matt Merker discusses the central importance of corporate worship for the life of the Christian. He shares his thoughts on the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic could have on church gatherings in the future, explains why the concept of a church liturgy is a good and necessary thing, and offers encouragement to the person who may be toying with the idea of not returning to church once the pandemic is over.”

This podcast episode is a real encouragement – for pastors and congregational members.

There’s also praise for Reformation Worship: Liturgies from the Past for the Present, the fruit of much painstaking work by Jonny Gibson and Mark Earngey.


A Tale of Two Liturgies.

On how the Reformation changed Sunday gatherings.

We ask Mark Earngey about ‘Common Prayer for Homes’.

“He Will Hold Me Fast” — The Story Behind the Song.

Photo of Matt Merker: Together for the Gospel.