Is there a Future for Confessional Anglicanism? — conference audio

Posted on March 23, 2015 
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Mark Thompson, Glenn Davies and Ashley NullOn Saturday 21st March 2015, the Anglican Church League held the “Is there a Future for Confessional Anglicanism?” conference in the Chapter House of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

Those present considered our Anglican inheritance, our current challenges and our potential future under God.

Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney; Ashley Null, authority on Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation; and Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College, were the speakers.

Listen to the talks via these links:

Archbishop Dr. Glenn Davies:
The State of Play in the Anglican Church of Australia.

27MB mp3 file and 100kb PDF file outline.

“The ACL’s role in Sydney is to keep the Diocese evangelical. That’s our role. Our role is to be ever vigilant … What one generation fights for, the next generation accepts and the third one forgets. … The stronger ACL is, the stronger the Diocese of Sydney is; the stronger the Diocese of Sydney is, the better the national church will be.”

Dr. Ashley Null:
Our Inheritance.

32MB mp3 file.

“The very heart of Cranmer’s understanding of the mission of the church is to proclaim the gospel … to renew the hearts and minds and lives of the English people.”

Dr. Mark D. Thompson:
Where next for confessional Anglicanism?

17MB mp3 file or 160kb PDF file.

“I am an Anglican – not just by historical accident but by conviction. I am convinced that here is a good – more than good, something that has proven to be powerfully effective over almost five hundred years — expression of gospel principles and gospel priorities … Yet to be true to that heritage I must be a gospel man first.”

Photo by Scott Blackwell.