Posted on December 7, 2020 
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Phillip Jensen has written to encourage prayer –

Our country is desperately in need of our prayers so would you join us for a day to:

What better day than Australia Day, 26th January (the public holiday just before the year gets under way)?

What better way than in our parish churches – with connections to others meeting to pray?

Last January we started an evangelistic prayer day with a group of young adults.


It was a great way to start the year. So, we are repeating it in 2021.

Since then, thanks to Covid, we’ve all learnt how to link up with other groups through live streaming and sharing recorded talks to use simultaneously.

This year we are recasting our program and inviting you to join us in your church or hall.

Date:   Australia Day, Tuesday 26th January 2021

Time:   10:30am to 3:00pm

Pre-recorded talks

The morning session will have two talks – ‘Praying Evangelistically’ and ‘Evangelising Australia’, with time for prayer after each one.

The afternoon session is up to you, but we would encourage you to use it to articulate your 2021 parish vision as the basis for prayer.

We will pre-record the two talks and send them to you to show at your church.

We will also have a Facebook event where we will interact with other groups also meeting to pray. ‘PRAY FOR AUSTRALIA’ Day Facebook event.

I hope you can join us – happy to hear of any way to help you.