Partnership is a special gift of God

Posted on May 11, 2020 
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“Our world is in great need. That is more obvious every day. People are lost without Christ and they do not even realise it. A culture that is moving at breakneck speed away from its gospel heritage is unravelling and doing immense but unrecognised harm.

We need more men and women who are deeply immersed in the Scriptures, whose lives and teaching consistently re ect God’s truth and his gracious, loving character, and who are gifted and thoroughly prepared for the joys and challenges of this moment and the moments to come.

We cannot afford to take shortcuts in preparing people for a lifetime of word ministry in the world and among God’s people. There is too much at stake, and Christian leadership in this form is under constant assault from the evil one. …”

– Moore College Principal, Dr. Mark Thompson, writes about the great value of gospel partnership in the latest (Autumn 2020) Moore Matters.

Read online or download the PDF file.

(Photo courtesy The Pastor’s Heart.)