Marriage Resources for the postal plebiscite

Posted on August 16, 2017 
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Australia will soon have a postal plebisciite on whether to change the definition of marriage to enable same-sex marriages. Here are some resources –

The Coalition for Marriage

The Coalition for Marriage is coordinating the campaign to oppose changes to the Marriage Act.

The Diocese of Sydney is a lead partner in the Coalition for Marriage, joining with over 80 organisations in support of the campaign to defend Australia’s man-woman definition of marriage. If you would like to support the Coalition for Marriage, you can sign up as a volunteer or provide financial support.

What has God Joined Together?

The Diocesan booklet entitled What has God Joined Together? is available online.

It explains God’s pattern for marriage, why it is best for society as a whole, and the negative consequences of same-sex marriage.

Last Chance to Register for the Postal Vote on Marriage

If you have moved house, or recently become eligible to vote in Australian elections, you need to update your electoral enrolment by 24 August 2017 to participate.

You can go to the AEC website to check or change your registration, or register online. More information and the relevant links are also available at the Coalition For Marriage website).