The problem with ‘You be You’ – with Brian Rosner

Posted on June 20, 2022 
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From The Pastor’s Heart –

“‘You be you.’ It’s the catch cry of a generation. But Brian Rosner says it’s also the new definition of sin. Many people today believe that there’s only one place to look to find yourself and that’s inward. Personal identity has become a ‘Do it yourself Project’.  This strategy of identity formation is sometimes called Expressive Individualism. The view that you are who you feel yourself to be on the inside, and that acting in accordance with this identity is living authentically.

The Principal of Melbourne’s Ridley Theological College Brian Rosner has super helpful critique in his new book, ‘How to find yourself: Why looking inwards is not the answer.’ Dr Rosner joins us this week on The Pastor’s Heart.”

Watch or listen here.