The Hypocrisy of Authoritarian Bishops

Posted on January 23, 2023 
Filed under Church of England, Culture wars

Here is this week’s ‘Must read” response to the House of Bishops to get a sense of how serious is the situation in the Church of England –

“Like many clergy, over the weekend I read GS2289, the response of Church of England bishops to Living in Love and Faith.

Let me confess honestly, that in my personal lived experience I am experiencing this stuff from the bishops as a deeply hypocritical, flawed, insulting, and overtly manipulative attempt at institutional gaslighting.

The whole document feels to me personally like an insincere jargon-filled betrayal of the gospel and an abandonment of all I hold dear and love about Anglicanism. It gives me immense pain and sorrow. I feel profound personal grief. I am hurt, embarrassed, and humiliated that the leaders of my denomination could be so brazen in their rejection of the Bible and in their sneaky attempt to pretend that it is not a rejection of the teaching of Jesus as we have always received it. I am upset that I have been treated with intellectual and spiritual contempt by such a poorly argued, thinly veiled power grab. The emotional impact of GS2289 for me is akin to being mugged. …”

– Director of Church Society, The Rev Dr Lee Gatiss, quite rightly has strong words to say about the Church of England’s House of Bishops.

Be sure to read it all – and do pray. Pray for those who hold dear to Christ and his authoritative word, that they might have godly wisdom – especially as the Church of England’s General Synod approaches next month.