Put not your trust in Clause (g): A North American Perspective

Posted on February 17, 2023 
Filed under Church of England, Culture wars, TEC

“I have been reading postings from respected theologians in the Church of England arguing that the addition of ‘clause (g)’ to the General Synod Resolution last week was a victory of sorts for those who hold a biblical view of marriage and sexuality. …

I would that Ian Paul and Martin Davie were right, but the lesson I take from the Episcopal Church USA two decades ago is that the addition of clause (g) will not snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Let me explain. …”

– At Stephen’s Witness, Dr, Stephen Noll cautions against too much optimism about the amendment included at General Synod. Bishops (and others) who choose to disregard the word of God might not be too constrained by amendments.

Photo: GAFCON.