Pray (Don’t Play) Politics

Posted on January 25, 2024 
Filed under Encouragement, Opinion

“For many today, politics takes up far too much of our spiritual hard drive. It’s become an obsession.

Praying to the King of kings (on behalf of our president, senators, and other government officials) helps to reorder our hearts.. …”

– You don’t need to be following the U.S. election cycle to benefit from this encouragement from Brandon Cooper at The Gospel Coalition.

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“…the task of the Christian is not first to understand prayer, though may be a very good thing, and not first to solve prayer, which I suspect is an impossible thing. Rather, the Christian is to pray, knowing that part of the beauty of prayer is that even if we aren’t confident in how prayer works, we can have confidence in the one who tells us to pray. Even if we haven’t resolved the dilemmas and solved the mysteries, we can trust the one who issues the command and who insists that he hears and responds to our prayers. Our task, our calling, and our joyful duty is to pray.”

It’s Okay To Just Pray – Tim Challies.