Supreme Court of Canada strikes a blow against religious freedom

“The Supreme Court of Canada struck a brave blow on Friday for LGBTQ students who would be compelled to attend a proposed law school at Trinity Western University – a small, private, evangelical Christian school in Langley, B.C., whose ‘community covenant’ prohibits sexual relations except among married men and women.

That is to say, they struck a blow for nobody. …”

– Read the full article at Canada’s National Post.

From Trinity Western University:

“Until now, Canada has encouraged the rich mosaic created by the diversity of views, race, gender, and belief systems.

Sadly, the Supreme Court has decided that this does not extend to a law school at Trinity Western University.”

What is the Community Covenant? Read it here (PDF).

Then read this summary of the background to the legal case.

Image: Trinity Western University website.

Abortion, Canada, and the relentless wave of Authoritarian Secularism

“I love taking Claude (family greyhound) for an early morning walk through the streets of Parkdale and Mentone, and to listen to the Bible as we go. Today in the Psalms, I was struck by Psalm 8:2, which says,

‘Through the praise of children and infants
you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger.’

Afterward, I was catching up on the news and heard a report about a recent announcement by Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Organisations applying for Government funding for the Canadian Summer Jobs program, must now sign an attestation that they support abortion. …”

– Murray Campbell in Melbourne looks at the Canadian example as a foretaste of what Christians in Australia can expect.

Canada: Former Bishop-Elect of Caledonia has employment ‘terminated’ in that diocese

“The Rev. Jacob Worley was told by Archbishop John Privett in a phone call and a letter received Friday, Nov. 10 that Worley’s employment as a priest in the Diocese of Caledonia is being terminated. Worley says that when he asked what the reason was, Privett (who is Metropolitan of the Province of BC & Yukon) declined to give him one.

In accordance with Immigration rules, Worley has to leave Canada for the United States within ten days of his last day of employment …

In May of 2017, Worley made headlines in Church news when the House of Bishops of the Province of BC and Yukon refused to approve him as Bishop of Caledonia …

… Worley had served for a time within AMiA (Anglican Mission in America) in the United States.”

– Story from The Anglican Planet. (link via Anglican Samizdat.)

Earlier: from Anglican Journal, April 2017, U.S.-born priest elected bishop of Caledonia.

Church needs to know its purpose, Abp Hiltz tells Anglican Church of Canada

“Hiltz made the comment in an address that began and ended by wondering what St. Paul might think of the church, what advice he might give it and how he might pray for it.

On the church’s deliberation over changing its marriage canon to allow same-sex marriage, for example, Paul might remind it of his counsel to the Ephesians to be ‘humble and gentle and patient with one another, bearing with one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4:2-3),’ he said. …”

– Report from Anglican Journal. (Paul might also remind them of his counsel to the Ephesians in Ephesians 5:1-21.)

via Anglican Samizdat.

Bishop of New Westminster joins in petition to prevent Franklin Graham speaking in Canada

“Bishop Melissa Skelton [of New Westminster] has added her voice to those attempting to stop Franklin Graham’s Vancouver crusade. …

I’m writing to let you know that I have signed on to a letter from a group of concerned civic leaders and clergy about the upcoming visit of Franklin Graham to Vancouver as a part of The Festival of Hope. …”

– from Anglican Samizdat. The statement can be read in full here.

Anglican Church of Canada: General Synod vote count in error – the vote for same-sex marriage was actually passed

anglican-church-of-canada-vote-1A stunning reversal of a divisive vote has paved the way for the Anglican Church to perform same-sex marriages in Canada, but that won’t happen before 2019 at the earliest.

The canon change must be approved by two successive General Synods before it is official…” – Report from CTV News.

Photo: Screenshot from this Anglican Church of Canada video.

(Even if the error had not been realised, several Canadian bishops had said they would go ahead and marry same-sex couples anyway.)

Move to see ‘Anti-Transgender speech’ criminalised in Canada

pm_justin_trudeau_canada“Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced a bill that would criminalize anti-transgender speech, with violators receiving up to two years in prison.

The new bill, introduced May 17 on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, aims to amend the Canadian Criminal Code to expand the country’s ‘hate speech’ prohibitions to include any public speech or communication that ‘promotes hatred’ on the basis of ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender expression.’ It would also change the Canadian Human Rights Act to cover transgender people…“

– Story from The Blaze.

Related: Questions and Answers from the Canadian Department of Justice.

Q. Will “gender identity” and “gender expression” be defined in the Bill?

A. In order to ensure that the law would be as inclusive as possible, the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” are not defined in the Bill. With very few exceptions, grounds of discrimination are not defined in legislation but are left to courts, tribunals, and commissions to interpret and explain, based on their detailed experience with particular cases.”

Photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Anglican Network in Canada’s Bishop Charlie Masters statement from Canterbury

Bishop Charlie MastersAnglican Network in Canada’s Bishop Charlie Masters reports from  Canterbury

“Once Primates had finally addressed the issue of discipline, it was time for Archbishop Beach to quietly step away from the remainder of the meeting as ACNA had committed itself to only continue at the meeting if TEC and the ACoC had stepped away and until repentance and godly order were restored. The ACoC remained and, although mild sanctions were applied to TEC, its Primate also remained in the meeting.”

Full text below: Read more

Review of the Report from the Marriage Commission of the Anglican Church of Canada

Archbishop Fred HiltzThe Church of England Evangelical Council has commissioned a Review of the Report (“This Holy Estate”) of The Commission on the Marriage Canon of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The Commission was established in 2013 by the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, with consideration of the report (including a motion ‘to allow the marriage of same-sex couples’) to come at their 2016 General Synod.

The Review of the Canadian report, made for the CEEC by Dr Martin Davie, complements earlier reviews of similar reports by The Episcopal Church of the USA and The Scottish Episcopal Church.

Read his full review here. (PDF file)

Related: The American Anglican Council’s Canon Phil Ashey writes:

“[The Canadian report] follows exactly the pattern we saw in the United States in TEC: create facts on the ground in violation of the Bible, and then call for ‘theological reflection’ upon those facts-that-you-have-just-established. In this case, the theological reflection in ‘This Holy Estate’ presents only three possibilities for the General Synod, none of which affirms a Biblically faithful understanding of marriage and human sexuality…

Read it all here.

Photo of Archbishop Fred Hiltz: Anglican Church of Canada.

‘Supreme Court of Canada deals final blow to Anglican parishioners’

St. Aidan’s, Windsor, Ontario“A breakaway group of Anglican parishioners has been dealt a deathblow in their legal battle over ownership of a Riverside church.

The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to grant St. Aidan’s parishioners leave to appeal, dismissing their case with costs.”

– report from The Windsor Star, Ontario. (h/t Anglican Essentials Canada blog.)

Anglican Network in Canada Easter Message

Bishop Charlie Masters“Imagine someone announcing that:

This, of course, is exactly the message we bring and would remind you of …”

Bishop Charlie Masters’ Easter Letter.

Canada: Anglican Church faces falling membership, deeper divisions

back-to-the-future-sm“More than 15,000 packed Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. Crowds thronged the lobby of the Royal York Hotel. Two hundred reporters scrambled for news and The Globe and Mail splashed the story on its front page.

Not for the Beatles or Muhammad Ali, but a congress of the Anglican Church. It was late summer, 1963, and the Anglican Church, bastion of the old order, was at its demographic peak in Canada. …”

The Globe and Mail in Toronto reports on the Back to the Anglican Future conference held last week.

‘Anglican Church of Canada worship returns to St. John’s Shaughnessy’

“The Venerable John Stephens, Archdeacon of Vancouver has arranged a rota of clergy to conduct Sunday services and musicians to lead the music in worship beginning Sunday, September 25th at 11am with a Celebration of Holy Communion. …”

from the Diocese of New Westminister website.

Related: Largest Anglican Church congregation in Canada leaves historic church home.

And from the St. John’s Vancouver website:

“We will pray that He will continue to use this space for His glory, and that many may come to know Him in it in the future.”

“On September 18, we will have regular services at 8am, 10am, and 6:30pm.  The 10am service will finish differently. Near the end of the 10am service we will thank God for his grace at giving us our home at St. John’s Shaughnessy for the better part of the last century. We will pray that He will continue to use this space for His glory, and that many may come to know Him in it in the future.  We will then depart the building together and drive to our new location at 5350 Baillie, arriving together.  We will thank God for his grace and provision and sing .  After this, at approximately noon, a light lunch will be served at our new location and there will be an opportunity to explore where ministries will be happening and enjoy our new home.”

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