Now, where and how for Sydney Anglicans – with Raj Gupta and Zac Veron

Posted on September 26, 2023 
Filed under Sydney Diocese

From the Pastor’s Heart, an important episode on the future of the Anglican Church in Sydney –

“We engage in a ‘Stockdale Paradox’ discussion, confronting the brutal facts about attendance, finances and National Church Life Survey data about mission, newcomers and maturity.

Plus we review the recent Sydney Anglican Synod debate where leader after leader poured out their heart.

The gap is widening between the diocese’s declining attendance and Sydney’s growing population.

We look at the hard facts and attempt to chart a way forward.

Zac Veron is the senior minister of Bayside Anglican Church, Sydney.

Raj Gupta is the senior minister of Carlingford Anglican Church, Sydney.”

Watch or listen here (though it’s recommended you watch so you can see the charts).