Irish Church Missions — Building for the Future

Posted on June 3, 2021 
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Many Sydney Anglicans will be aware of Irish Church Missions. From their website:

Irish Church Missions is an indigenous Anglican Church Planting platform established in 1849 to catalyse evangelism and church planting in Ireland. 170 years later this is still our passion and our purpose.

T. C. Hammond was Superintendent of Irish Church Missions before becoming Principal of Moore College in 1936 as well as Rector of St. Philip’s Church Hill, and there have been links between Sydney and Irish Church Missions for many years.

Irish Church Missions wants to renovate their strategically-placed building in the heart of Dublin, to unlock its potential as they work to start and strengthen evangelical churches in Dublin and all across Ireland.

Take the time to watch the encouraging 7 minute video from ICM Director David Martin.

Please pray for this opportunity, and consider if you might be able to help financially.