Hearts for pastors’ kids – with James Galea

Posted on March 26, 2024 
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From The Pastor’s Heart:

“We explore the delicate dynamics of faith, family, and identity in the world of church leadership.

As pastors most of all we want our kids to love Jesus. And yet Barnabas Piper says so often pastors kids are messed up.

What are the unique experiences, joys and challenges of being pastors kids? And how can we better parent as pastors?

There are issues of awareness, assumptions and expectations. Plus confusion about identity.

This episode isn’t just about the challenges; it’s also a treasure trove of wisdom for Pastors kids themselves. Whether you’re feeling the weight of a congregation’s gaze or struggling to carve out your own identity.

We discuss the power of parental apologies and the healing they can bring.

James Galea grew up as a pastor’s kid in Western Sydney and now leads the ministry team at Freshwater Anglican Church on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.”

Watch or listen here.