General Synod Wrap-Up – The Anglicans Who Don’t Want to be Anglican?

Posted on May 14, 2022 
Filed under Anglican Church of Australia, General Synod

“Friday saw day 5 of General Synod as we wrapped things up and then made our way to the airport and began the long trip home to our various dioceses.

I’m sure each of us will have had our own thoughts as the plane lifted into the early evening sky. Is it too melodramatic to suggest that as a beautiful sunset washed across the horizon we had also witnessed the sunset of the Anglican Church of Australia?

I wouldn’t go so far myself. But one burning question would not leave me be:

Why did some Anglicans not want to be Anglican?

One debate on the last morning crystallised much of what we had experienced over the week. …”

David Ould shares his final report on General Synod 2022.