Evangelistic Fire

Posted on December 8, 2023 
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“The Christian gospel is the most significant message ever entrusted to human beings.

It is the message of a love so strong it overcomes every obstacle in order to rescue sinful people from judgment. Jesus is God come to save us, by bearing himself all the consequences of our sin and opening up a new life of hope and joy and peace. This is breathtakingly good news, all the more so because our situation without it is so dire. The gospel of the crucified and risen Messiah changes everything. It is the powerful way God saves people (Rom 1:16). …

A friend of mine asked not that long ago where all our evangelistic fire had gone. Where’s that sense of urgency, that passion for the lost, that clarity of focus on Jesus and the salvation available only through him, which used to characterise Christians in this part of the world? It made me think. Have we become too comfortable or perhaps too fearful? Do we still believe it?…”

Moore College Principal Dr Mark Thompson writes this foreword to the latest Moore Matters, Summer 2023. It has the theme of the Urgency of Evangelism.


John Chapman: Encouragement for Evangelism.