Chappo says… Just start talking

Posted on September 2, 2008 
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Just Start Talking - ChappoIn characteristic style, John Chapman says: “This could be just the very thing you’ve been waiting for. It mightn’t be the very thing you’re waiting for – but it’s the very thing you should have been – so if you haven’t been, I’d give it a go anyway.”

John’s commending “Just Start Talking”, a terrific new resource from Sydney’s Evangelism Ministries in time for Connect 09.

Written by Lesley Ramsay and Baden Stace, and presented on DVD by Colin Buchanan and Samantha Boog, “Just Start Talking” is a three week course designed to help ordinary Christians get Jesus into their day-to-day conversations.

Read more about “Just Start Talking” at and order copies from Evangelism Ministries (phone 02 9265 1582). To see a video preview, follow this link.