“Legal fight over same-sex faith as blokes not welcome in Anglican Church for getting married”

“A recently married, churchgoing couple living contentedly in the mountains of northern NSW are at the heart of an issue that is currently tearing apart the Anglican Church in Australia. They’re a loving couple who happen to be blokes. …

early next month, at a hearing before the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board, the bishop and the two Peters will attend a compulsory mediation.”

The Australian’s Weekend Magazine has another story on the same-sex marriage challenge in the Diocese of Armidale. (Subscription.) A matter for prayer.

An earlier opinion:

The Final Stone – David Robertson writes at AP (Australian Presbyterian), 15 October 2021.

Bathurst Pastoral Letter concerning the establishment of the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Bishop Mark Calder has written a pastoral letter to members of the Diocese of Bathurst concerning the establishment of the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

“Dear friends,

While headlines such as the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Anglican church splits as conservatives form breakaway’ and the ABC’s ‘Australia’s Anglican Church splits over same-sex marriage…’ may be effective in attracting readers, they do not accurately convey reality.

I’m writing today as some of you have raised questions and expressed fears over these and related news reports this week. …”

– The full letter is posted on the Diocesan Facebook page.

A PDF copy may be seen here.

Newcastle asks Clergy to declare any “Interest” in GAFCON

“The Bishop of Newcastle, Rev Dr Peter Stuart, has asked all his clergy to declare any ‘interest’ in GAFCON or participation in the recent GAFCON Australasia Conference.

The instruction was issued in a letter from the Corporation Secretary and Registrar …”

– David Ould has published the text of the letter.

Photo: Bishop Stuart. Image source: Diocese of Newcastle.

GAFCON leading the way

“A game of AFL is taking place on a local oval when a small group jump the fence and start kicking a round ball along the ground. The game stops. Players approach the group and ask them to desist.

They retort, ‘we’re also playing football’.

The players answer, ‘no, you’re playing a different game. Different ball, different shaped ground, different goals….if you’re interested, you can join us but first of all, get rid of the soccer ball’.

The group insist, ‘no, we are playing football. We can all play together at the same time.’ …

A significant announcement was made this week, one which may change the Church landscape in Australia. The decision is not so much about changing the game but is confirming that we will not change the game. GAFCON is responding to what is a tireless intrusion onto Christian Churches by certain bishops and leaders who are trying to change the Gospel beyond recognition. They are not playing the same game as Christians Churches, but something quite different.”

– Murray Campbell looks at why it was necessary to form the Diocese of the Southern Cross.

Southern Cross: The New Anglican Diocese

“This week over 350 Anglicans from around Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu, are gathering in Canberra for the Gafcon Australasia Conference. The conference had been postponed from previous years due to COVID but, in God’s wisdom and providence, it has come at just the right time.

The conference opened with the announcement of the establishment of the Diocese of the Southern Cross, an extra-provincial Anglican diocese in fellowship with the majority of the world’s Anglicans through the Primates’ Council of the global Gafcon network. The conference will close with the commissioning of former Sydney Archbishop, Dr Glenn Davies as the Initial Bishop for the diocese. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition Australia, Dr Claire Smith explains the reasons behind the formation of the new diocese.

A new Anglican diocese, bishop and church in Australia

“The first congregation of the new Diocese of the Southern Cross started at Beenleigh in Brisbane last Sunday and the Diocese’s first bishop Glenn Davies will be appointed on Thursday.  …”

– The very latest news – from The Pastor’s Heart.


An open letter to the Archbishop of Brisbane – 11 July 2022.

Dr Robert Tong on the Appellate Tribunal Opinion – 12 November 2020.

Many posts relating to General Synod 2022.

The Line in the Sand: The Appellate Tribunal Opinion and the Future of the Anglican Church in Australia – Joint publication of The Australian Church record and The Anglican Church League.

The Line in the Sand Author Interview: Glenn Davies.

Bathurst Diocese Strategic Plan

You may have watched Bishop Mark Calder’s keynote address from the Bathurst Diocesan Conference held on 30 July 2022.

He spoke about the Strategic Plan for the Diocese.

Here it is in one-page – Sharing Jesus for Life! (PDF file.)

The harvest is plentiful — more workers for Bathurst Diocese

Bishop of Bathurst Mark Calder has announced two new appointments –

“Excited to announce the appointment of the Reverend Andy Martin as rector of Holy Trinity Orange from October (pictured at left with his wife Amanda and their two girls), and the appointment of Tim Smith, who will serve from 2023, initially as Deacon in Charge of Grenfell parish (pictured here with Jess and their baby).”

– from the Bathurst Diocese Facebook page.

See also Bishop Mark Calder’s keynote address from the Diocesan Conference held on 30 July 2022:

A tonic for any church. Well worth watching – and plenty to pray about.

Archbishop Kanishka Raffel at Geraldton Cathedral’s Diamond Jubilee

Last week Archbishop Kanishka Raffel travelled to Geraldton in Western Australia for the Cathedral’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

He was welcomed to speak at the celebration service by Acting Dean David Seccombe.

Encouraging and a great reminder to pray for the progress of the gospel in the North West.

Praying for the North West and the election of a new Bishop

In the latest edition of North West Network (PDF file), Paul Spackman, Administrator of the Diocese of North West Australia, asks for your prayers for the election of their new bishop.

The election synod is planned for August 26-28 2022.

New Dean of Geraldton

“Cathedral members are rejoicing at the news that the Revd Lachlan Edwards has been appointed the new Dean of Geraldton.

Lachlan and his wife Bec have spent the past decade ministering in Sydney at Christ Church Lavender Bay and Fig Tree Anglican Church.

They are thankful to be returning to the place where they served after graduating from Trinity Theological College in Perth. …”

– News from the Diocese of North West Australia.

Praying for Bathurst’s Strategic Plan

“Sharing Jesus for Life” is the catchphrase  of the Bathurst Diocese Strategic Plan to be launched at the diocesan conference in two weeks.

It’d be good to pray for all attending the conference, and for Bishop Mark Calder as he leads it.

An open letter to the Archbishop of Brisbane

In response to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall’s Address to the Brisbane Synod on 25th June 2022, The Rev. Peter Judge-Mears, the Rector of a parish in the diocese, has written an open letter –

“Dear Archbishop Phillip,

I wrestled hard with how I should respond to your Presidential Address last month. I remain grateful for your gracious invitation to address my concerns with you in person. However, I feel that the very public nature of your comments and the impact they have had on our Diocese demand an equally public response. …”

Read the full letter here (PDF file).

It would be good to pray for all involved.

And read Archbishop Aspinall’s Presidential Address here (PDF file).

Photo: Archbishop of Brisbane Phillip Aspinall.

Top Centre 22.2

The latest issue of Top Centre, the magazine of the Diocese of the Northern Territory, is now available from their website.

It serves as a good reminder to pray for the churches and the progress of the gospel in the Northern Territory.

More encouragement from Bathurst Diocese

The Diocese of Bathurst – via its Facebook page – shares encouraging news and food for prayer –

Tim Smith, pictured with Jess and Annie Amelia, at left, and Jonny Lush, pictured with Liz, have been approved for ordination as deacons. The ordination service is planned for December.

“We are currently discerning where they may best serve the Lord in 2023, when 16/28 parishes without clergy will become 14/28!!”

At right: The Rev’d Ben Mackay will be ordained priest in the church of God on Saturday 16th July at 2pm, at St George’s Parkes.

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