Absolute Banality, a Rejection of Roman Catholic Doctrine, and Abandonment of the Gospel

Posted on May 22, 2024 
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“Now, we as Evangelical Protestants don’t believe that the pope holds the keys of the kingdom, we believe the church does. But nonetheless, the Roman Catholic Church believes that the pope does. But this pope appears to have little interest in holding the keys of doctrinal accountability or even of moral clarity.

But the religious world, the theological world, was pretty much set abuzz on Sunday night because the interview that Pope Francis did with 60 Minutes, the venerable CBS program. …”

– In his The Briefing for Tuesday 21 May 2024, Dr Albert Mohler comments on the International Criminal Court, and then (Part IV) turns to consider Pope Francis’ interview on CBS last weekend.

This link should jump to the relevant part of the interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes.