‘Win for parents as Safe Schools is scrapped in NSW’

Posted on April 18, 2017 
Filed under Culture wars

Here’s a media release from the Australian Christian Lobby –

Parents will no longer need to be worried that their child is being taught radical gender theory after the NSW Government announced the scrapping of the controversial Safe Schools program.

This is a positive step for NSW and the government is to be congratulated, says Australian Christian Lobby. 

After large petitions by parents, including from the Chinese community, ACL NSW director Mark Makowiecki said it was pleasing to see that the Government would be adopting a more holistic approach to tackling bullying.

“No children should be bullied for any reason, but teaching students their gender is fluid should not form part of any anti-bullying program.” Mr Makowiecki said.

“Unfortunately, the Safe Schools program, which was billed as an anti-bullying program, was more about teaching that gender is fluid and a social construct.

“While removing Safe Schools is a positive development for children in NSW, parents would now be seeking assurances that similar programs are not introduced under different guises, such as Respectful Relationships,” stated Mr Makowiecki.